VW Arteon Big Sur Concept: The Green Car (Literally) Inspired by The Golden State

Calling this custom VW a “green machine” is definitely appropriate! Meet the 2021 Arteon Big Sur Concept, inspired by the mountainous sections of California’s central coast between Carmel and San Simeon of the same name (Big Sur means “the big country of the south”). Volkswagen Enthusiast and Motorsport Marketing Specialist Sean Maynard, Rory Stramer and Gil Plasencia of FMS Automotive, and Jason Whipple at Rotiform designed the Arteon Big Sur Concept.

“The Arteon is a hidden gem in the Volkswagen lineup,” Plasencia said. “It’s a top-of-the-line sedan that offers the elegance of a sports car, plus it includes all the features Volkswagen drivers have come to know and love – like Lane Assist, Car-Net [and] fantastic braking and handling.”

Devising The Big Sur

The California-based team began with a 2021 Urano Gray Arteon SEL Premium R-Line and changed the color using a custom vinyl wrap. An all-green Golf R that Rotiform debuted at SEMA in 2019 was the inspiration behind the Big Sur shade of green. The wrap was fit to match the entire car, including its interior door jambs and side body pieces. As such, when the doors are opened, the green color is still visible.

“It was more of an aesthetic design makeover than a performance upgrade,” Stramer recalled. “We wanted to keep it in the boundaries of something someone could feasibly achieve and ensure that someone who had the means and interest in achieving this vehicle could.”

2021 VW Arteon Big Sur Concept.
2021 VW Arteon Big Sur Concept. Photo: Volkswagen of America, Inc.

Suspension & Tires

Using a Voomeran Lower Valence body kit, Plasencia and Stramer designed custom front splitters, side pieces, and a spoiler to fit the Arteon concept. From there, the team added a new coilover suspension and black, 20-inch Rotiform TUF-R cast monoblock wheels with Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 Plus tires (245/45/R20). “We brought it down an inch and a half, but it can actually go as far down as two and a half inches,” Plasencia explained. “However, because of the car’s body kit, it gives an illusion that the car is actually lower than it is.”

The Big Sur In-Person

The Arteon Big Sur Concept is part of the 2021 Volkswagen Enthusiast Fleet, displayed at different fan events and enthusiast gatherings across the country. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like VW will produce them, not even as a special edition. So the Big Sur is probably just a one-off, sadly. It’s still cool nonetheless. “We wanted the car to stop people in their tracks and announce, ‘I’m here!'” Plasencia said. “I’m really proud of the amount of detail and attention we put into it.”

Photos & Source: Volkswagen of America, Inc.