Arash AF-10

Arash AF-10 Joins the Supercar Party

Remembering that the wealthy continue to exist even within bad economic times, the production of limited-run exotic cars actually seems as vibrant as ever as supercar companies like Spyker and Tesla presence has grown.

While a supercar has a high development cost for design and engineering, companies are advantaged with selling vehicles at a higher margins compared to more affordable vehicles. Spending 4 years bringing his design to life, supercar company founder Arash Farboud has given a dream form to his entrant to the super rare exotic vehicle category, the AF-10.

With exterior body completely consisting of carbon-reinforced, autoclave-carved panels the Arash AF-10 is guaranteed to be super light and sturdy. Combining with the aluminum honeycomb/Nomex sandwiched within carbon material, the rear half windows of the AF-10 employ a shatter and scratch resisting clear polymer.

Coming together into a clean, aerodynamically-friendly supercar shape, the Arash AF-10 obtains a special elegance as it portrays itself as a speed demon. There are some elements of the Arash AF-10 exterior styling some astute exotic car fans might find derivative but the overall 183.6 inch long vehicle assembles itself in a very charming orchestration.

Arash AF-10 front

The creative juices of Arash has flowed most fluidly to designing the less exposed exterior details of the AF-10 supercar. Formulated through a combined steel, aluminum and carbon-fiber underside, the Arash AF-10 chassis uses race-based engineering practices. Exploring Formula 1 suspension technology, the supercar is given a nimble ride thanks to nickel-coated wishbone suspension system. Longer front wishbones have been lengthened to encourage better contact with road surfaces as the vehicle reaches an estimated top speed of 205 miles per hour.

Enlisted to stop the AF-10, Arash outfitted the high-performance car with some equally remarkable braking. Ventilated ceramic brake discs are halted by AP Racing calipers. With 6-piston calipers slowing the rear wheels, 8-cylinder calipers slows the momentum of the AF-10’s Michelin Pilot tires in a prompt fashion.

While the Arash AF-10 is going to be a ratified high-performer, the powertrain of this exotic car is really not that exotic. An American 7 liter V-8 powerplant supplied by General Motors tuned for 550 horsepower and 475 pounds feet of torque. Apart from the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 model, the LS7 V-8 engine has also been transplanted into Hulme CanAm, another upfront supercar effort centered in New Zealand.

The Arash supercar has been paired with a 6-speed Graziano GT-ME1 manual gearbox, this transmission also shifts the power of the barely-street legal Ariel Atom. Inside, the racing-style floor pedals have been organized specifically to aid ‘heel and toe’ driving.

Going in sale in Europe, the Arash AF10 supercar is ordered for £620,000 in the United Kingdom. According to current conversion rates (as of Sept 10th 2010), the British-built Arash AF10 will retail for the American equivalent of just under $956,000.

For England-based supercar fans, the chance to see the Arash AF10 in person presents itself in a festival of high-performance. The 2010 MPH: The Prestige and Performance Motor Show featuring Top Gear Live will display the Arash creation will be welcomed alongside other supercars including Aston Martin, McLaren, Ferrari as well as Porsche.

Information source: Arash Motor Company

Photo source: Arash Via Newspress