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AmericanMuscle Annual Car Show Benefits Make-A-Wish® Foundation

One of the great things about the automotive culture is its ability to bring people together.  You see this at a variety of car shows every year, from major events like the North American International Auto Show to more intimate get-togethers. When I lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for example, car enthusiasts would gather at a local restaurant on Saturday evenings, showing off their classic rigs while enjoying a meal.

On occasion, these events have long reaching effects. This was the case at Maple Grove Raceway on August 13th of this year for the 8th annual AmericanMuscle Car Show. Despite the heat, Mustang enthusiasts, vendors, and a few notable figures gathered for yes, a day filled with horsepower, but more importantly, a day filled with hope.

When the day ended, this band of car enthusiasts raised over $62,000 for Make-A-Wish®.

Over 1,700 Mustangs were on display at Maple Grove Raceway at the 8th annual AmericanMuscle Car Show. Photo: AmericanMuscle.

Early Birds

Maple Grove Raceway opened at 7am as the rising sun reflected off the thousands of Mustangs in attendance. About every Mustang imaginable was there, from 1960s era stock Mustangs to more recent model years. Attendees were able to connect with some of the most respected names in the aftermarket community. Pypes, BBK, Flowmaster, Kooks, Mishimoto, Whiteline, Baer Brakes, and others provided enthusiasts the lowdown on new parts, with special show discounts.

Throughout the day, Chip Foose, legendary hot rod hall of famer, was greeting fans and signing autographs. Professional Drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. attended as well, bringing his Mustangs along with him.

Noble Causes

There were a lot of cool things that transpired during the day. The SCT dyno competition showcased some of the most powerful Mustangs around, with the winning car pumping out over 1,200 horsepower. The U.S. Paralympics sponsored a revving contest and later on, there were exhibition drag races. Everything from a Shelby GT500, Shelby GT350, two GT’s, and a supercharged F-150 thundered down the strip with some surprising (or maybe not so surprising) outcomes.

However, the best thing about the day was the $62,200 raised for Make-A-Wish®.  Mustang enthusiast and Make-A-Wish® recipient Austin was presented with a reveal of his AmericanMuscle overhauled and customized Mustang. From getting a special factory Ford color, set of RTR Tech 7 Wheels, Airlift Suspension System, and a long list of other mods, Austin’s 2005 V6 Mustang was completely transformed into a one-off Mustanger’s dream.

Make-A-Wish® recipients were also treated to a parade ride down the drag strip. Photo: AmericanMuscle.

Beyond Cars

In the end, you just never know how your love and passion for things can positively affect another. In this case, it was a love and passion for the greatest pony cars of all time. For the recipients of Make-A-Wish®, the 8th Annual AmericanMuscle Car Show at Maple Grove Raceway was more than just a car show – and sometimes, that’s what makes car shows so great.

About AmericanMuscle

Starting out in 2003, AmericanMuscle quickly rose as one of the leading aftermarket Mustang parts providers. Catering to the needs of late-model Mustang owners and enthusiasts, AmericanMuscle provides the most desirable parts at the best prices. They are located just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

8th Annual AmericanMuscle Car Show Gallery

Photos & Source: AmericanMuscle