Aftermarket Tuner Gives VW GTI 35th Anniversary Gift Pic28

In 1974, the Volkswagen Golf was launched as the replacement to the legendary Beetle built on a more conventional front-engined compact car platform. A tough act to follow, the Golf (known as the Rabbit for many years in the United States and Canada) needed an image builder to warm small car buyers to the new Volkswagen product. Going in the direction of improved power and enhanced premium equipment, the Volkswagen Golf GTI was born in 1976 pioneering the factory hot hatch. In 2011, the Volkswagen Golf GTI celebrates 35 years of awaking the sport compact category. Though the factory has made few preparations for the GTI’s momentous occasion, one European-based aftermarket tuner realizes the automotive accomplishment is worthy of a noteworthy presentation. Using supply partners WUNSCHEL SPORT and OZ Racing, the aftermarket group has created a unique package taking the high-performance Volkswagen Golf beyond the stock GTI.

The most defining difference carried out on the 2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI may not be distinguishable to the human eye. Furnishing a lower center of gravity than the stock version of the GT1, WUNSCHEL SPORT customized suspension lowers the ride height of the Golf by 25 millimeters (little less than an inch). Adding to the low ground clearance look, the special aftermarket edition Volkswagen Golf GTI features 19-inch OZ Racing alloy wheels from the Italian company‘s Quaranta series. Playing a part in the aftermarket anniversary celebration of the Volkswagen Golf GTI, OZ Racing has entered their 40th year of wheel production. Sporting larger diameter wheels, wider high-performance tires are matched with the Volkswagen Golf. Pic17

Wearing a titanium paint job, the version of the Volkswagen Golf is given a mild makeover in either two or four-door body styles. Provided by WUNSCHEL SPORT, the exterior paintwork extended to the rocker panel trim as well as front and rear spoiler coating the titanium overtop of the matte black production pieces. Finishing touches to the body’s aesthetics includes’s addition of race-styled decals placed along the hood, front doors and rear hatch lid proclaiming “35 Years of Thunder GTI 1976-2011“.

Present under the German sport compact’s hood, the 2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI’s turbocharged 2-liter engine is brought into the 35-year celebration thanks to a recalibrated engine management system. Rated at 260 horsepower and more than 265 pounds feet of torque, the vehicle’s modification (performed again by WUNSCHEL SPORT) expels a much more throaty performance grunt than the now tamer stock version Golf GTI. The Volkswagen Golf GTI’s higher output engine is matched with the dual-clutch DSG transmission that is left unchanged. Through the enhanced performance supplied by and WUNSCHEL SPORT to the Volkswagen Golf, 0 to 60 mile per hour acceleration is roughly 0.3 seconds shorter. Pegged at an estimated 6.4 seconds for the 0 to 60 run, the modified Golf GTI also boosts an improved top speed by 15 kilometers per hour (9.3 miles per hour) to 255 km/h. Eclipsing the performance of the 2011 GTI, only the Volkswagen Golf R can overcome the enhancements performed by the group.

Capable of speeds above 158 miles per hour, the Volkswagen Golf sells completed before taxes for 32,800 Euros (equal to around $46,200 in US money). A special T-Shirt, dog tag, aluminum keychain and parking sign are added perks with the modified vehicle theme symbolizing the Volkswagen Golf GTI’s 35-year anniversary.

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