David Yurman Shelby 1000 wristwatch

A Wristwatch Designed after the Most Powerful Shelby Ever

Many of us scoff at the thought of paying exorbitant prices for branded merchandise that has nothing to do with our cars – “psshh see that old dude over there? He just paid $35,000 for a set of gold clubs with the Ferrari logo on it, what a tool.”

Or the guy that buys a five-figure Breitling watch because he owns a Bentley. I’ll be honest – I’ve called more than a few guys a douchebag because of this, so I’m no less guilty than anyone else.

But let’s be honest folks, if you just bought a six-figure car, hopefully you’re incredibly proud of it. What’s wrong with showing some more enthusiasm and buying some merch to show you’re a fan?

We forget that the people buying goods for these high-end cars have high-end budgets, and just because our eyeballs fall out at the sight of these pricetags, these guys would be buying shit that expensive anyway.

So where am I going with all this? Well, here’s another watch. This time it’s built by luxury watchmaker David Yurman in celebration of the most powerful Shelby ever put on the road – the Shelby 1000.

Shelby 1000

With a 1100 hp supercharged 5.4-liter V-8 capable of hitting 200 mph, calling it just a Mustang just seems sort of…wrong. What a beast. And the price? A supercar-level $155,000…PLUS the $55,000 or so you just spent on the GT500. Ouch.

The watch is designed after the car, and if you ask me, it does a helluva lot better of a job than a lot of the watches I’ve seen that are supposed to be made for a car (i.e. it does more than simply add the Shelby logo and a tach.)

The wristband is unique and looks like the underbelly of a snake – nice touch. There is a tach…and a Shelby logo of course, but the entire watch does actually resemble the design spirit of the car, which is quite nice.

And the final touch…an engraved Carroll Shelby signature on the back. The price: $8,600. Yeah, that’s expensive.

So, how much did you just spend on the car? At least $210,000, right? And how much for the car plus a really nice watch made specifically for your hand-built limited edition Shelby 1000 supercar…$218,600. Doesn’t seem that bad anymore, does it?