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A Toxique Relationship: Audi R8 by TC Concepts

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Audi’s first true high-performance supercar, the R8 birth for the 2008 model year, became the German luxury car brand’s staple for quattro drive adrenaline. Generating 420 horsepower from a 4.2 liter V-8 engine, Audi added the 5.2 FSI V-10 in 2010, sending the R8 supercar’s performance to an even more depth-defying 525 horsepower. The 2012 model year release of the Audi R8 GT to the United States promptly announces the factory’s recognition for the supercar’s top performance potential.

As Audi recognizes the potential in their supercar, aftermarket tuners equally spot the distinguishing shape of the R8. Companies such as STaSIS, PPI Automotive Design, and ABT have exercised their creative touches to the very hip Audi R8. A recent addition to a fruitful assortment of modified Audi R8 supercars is the Berlin company TC Concepts. Intent to stand out from the existing tuner riders, the TC Concepts R8 Toxique is an optimization of super supercar style and function. TC Concepts work on bringing an original l masterpiece to life consisted of producing a better-than stock Audi R8 for a reasonable price (reasonable, of course being relative to a premium car marketplace).

Embellishing on the mid-engined supercar, TC Concepts developed a unique body kit to instantly define the R8 Toxique as something beyond a stock performance vehicle. Radically altering the front end appear by wrapping bodywork around the headlamps, the TC Concepts R8 Toxique further tweak includes eliminating the slotted intakes with an opening covered using mesh material. The body kit also enhances the Audi R8 supercar’s width appearance; one notable side detail on the TC Concepts car is the canceling out of the Audi R8 coupe’s accent panels behind the passenger doors. Appearing more like the R8 Spyder, deeper side air intakes are a major design feature detailing the TC Concepts R8 Toxique. Completing several body modifications at the rear side, the TC Concepts R8 Toxique borrows inspiration from the Audi’s GT racing machines, adding an aggressive rear diffuser and carbon fiber rear wing.

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For the wheels, TC Concepts applies its own styling initiative to create a profoundly attractive performance car appearance. The TC Concepts Parle wheels feature a 7-spoke design with 20-inch diameter rims on the front and 21-inch wheels on the rear of the R8 Toxique. Aftermarket chassis product maker H&R outfitted the TC Concepts R8 Toxique with high-performing brakes on an overall lowered suspension.

TC Concepts styling enthusiasm continues from the outside to the Audi R8 interior. Stretching the bounds of genuine carbon fiber components, dashboard, and numerous other surfaces in the TC Concepts R8 Toxique are unmistakably motorsports inspired. As fine velour carpets line the cabin floor, Alcantara material is generously used on the roof as well as the R8 Toxique’s interior A and B pillars. Driver and passenger inside the TC Concepts R8 Toxique rest inside Bentley Beluga-Nero leather seats accented by the tuner company logos.

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Based around the Audi R8’s smaller 4.2 liter V-8 engine, the TC Concepts R8 Toxique merely enhances the performance production arriving from the German automaker. Despite receiving substantial exterior and interior design modifications, the TC Concepts R8 Toxique settles with only some subtle improvements within the engine compartment. The biggest enhancement provided to the 4.2-liter engine was the BMC sports air filter kit/ Adding engine software reprogramming. The TC Concepts R8 Toxique’s mid-mounted V-8 powerplant pumps out 440 horsepower. Producing 20 horsepower more than a standard Audi R8 V-8 coupe, the TC Concepts R8 Toxique utilizes a special stainless steel exhaust configuration to conduct a distinct “Earthquake thunder” sound.

Vowing to produce products with a sizeable “performance/price ratio,” the TC Concepts R8 Toxique is the latest effort from the Berlin tuning house that has been previously imprinted on Porsches, Chevrolet Corvettes, and even Bentley cars.

Information and photo source: TC Concepts