A Great Eight: Famous Movie Cars You Can Actually Drive

We are film buffs at Automoblog.  Recently, we compared actors and actresses to cars and assigned them a ride accordingly. While we are not cinematic experts, we do know a good movie when we see one.  Even more so, we know good movie cars.

Danielle and I love to watch movies together.  Cheap date nights which usually begin with us cooking together – or her telling me how not to screw up boiling water.

She proceeds, creating a mouth watering, delicious dinner and my job (aside from boiling water) is to pick the movie.

I shuffle through the Netflix app on my phone, certain I have selected a winner.

Dinner is always amazing, even succulent.  Yet, I have picked a dud.  Danielle, I think, is in a toss up: trying to figure out how I eat so much and why I always choose the worst movies.  I know it’s bad when I have to ask, “are you awake, sweetie?”  She looks up from my shoulder, obviously zonked out, to respond, “yeah, baby, I’ve been awake this whole time.”


Last night, we watched Days of Thunder, the 1990 classic.  Danielle grew up around racing events at Michigan International Speedway, so for her it was a trip down memory lane.  I had picked a good movie and even helped fold her laundry while dinner was cooking earlier in the evening.

It appeared I was on my way to victory lane but Danielle’s understanding of racing cost me valuable points.  When Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were kissing, I asked if that type of “rubbing” was considering racing and if so, that Danielle and I should go down the “backstretch” together.

She was not amused and I was black flagged.

Our friends at Select Contracts sent us this wonderful infographic, showcasing eight unique movie cars.  If you and your sweetheart can’t decide what to watch, something on the infographic below might whet your appetite.  I’m going to use it myself as Danielle and I continue our cheap date adventures.  Every movie listed is good, so I’m covered there.

I am, however, going to be working on my jokes . . .


What movie cars do you like best?  Leave a comment below or tell us here.