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8 Reasons Why EVs Are The Future of Transportation

Tesla Supercharger stations currently outnumber gas stations in Japan by 5,000, and this number is steadily rising in the United States – with 9,000 charger stations to 114,500 gas stations. If you’ve been following the latest reports about the growing influence of electric vehicles (EVs), this information should come as no surprise.

Increasing Advantages

The lifetime benefits for our economy and environment make these vehicles the clear choice for future transportation worldwide.

“American manufacturing benefits from an increasingly robust electric drive industry and the resulting growth throughout the supply chain,” reads a statement on the Electric Drive Transportation Association’s website. “A global technology race, increasing consumer demand and international needs to improve air quality are rapidly expanding the market for advanced batteries and electric vehicle supply equipment.”

Cost Effective

Auto Loan Solutions created the below infographic to showcase the many benefits of EVs, and the reasons why these vehicles have become so popular. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits of ditching our gas-fueled vehicles, EVs are becoming a smart financial decision as well. The cost of batteries is dropping significantly, especially with their life span of over 20 years. Furthermore, the lifetime fuel savings amounts to approximately $13,500.

These benefits, and more, have lead major auto companies to invest in electric platforms.

Future Considerations

Tesla is planning to build 1,000,000 EVs by 2020, Ford has invested $4.5 billion in EVs, with the goal of creating 13 new models by 2020, and Volkswagen recently announced a new electric drive architecture. Within just a few years, EVs will be a more common sight on our roads, with the power and convenience of our current vehicles. A battery swap takes under 5 minutes, and new technology will use renewable resources such as solar or wind power to further charge batteries, saving consumers even more money.

However, it’s not only consumers who reap the benefits. Companies like UPS and Gnewt Cargo are investing in electric fleets. The below infographic has all the information you need on EVs, and is sure to convince you of their value to our environment and economy.