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Escort Radar Flash Sale: Save Up to $80 on Our Favorite Radar Detector

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday shopping season, Escort Radar is having their own Prime Day I mean, Flash Sale, on a few of their top-selling radar detectors you might not want to miss if you (or a lead-footed loved one) are in the market to avoid speeding tickets.

You may remember we recently reviewed the Escort Max 360c radar detector bundled with the M1 dash cam (and were very impressed). Well you’re in luck, because they’re on sale for today and tomorrow only!

Escort Max 360c Radar Detector – $70 Off

Escort Max 360c + M1 Dash Cam – $80 Off

Here’s the combo we tested recently, and they go together like orange spray tan and MAGA hats. If you’re also in the market for a dash cam (let’s be honest who isn’t nowadays?), you can save an extra $10 by bundling the two together.

You have a few more days to pick up this bundle; it’s good until the 18th.

$80 Off – No Coupon Needed
Escort Max 360c + M1 Dash Cam

Save $80 on the MAX 360c Radar Detector and M1 Dash Cam Bundle at, Now $689.90, No Code Required. This sale ends on 10/18/2020.

$849.90 $769.90 Read Review
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Free Gold Package ($90 Value)

Finally, Escort is offering a free Gold Package (basically a bundled service plan worth about $90) with the purchase of a Max 360 Radar Detector (an older but still powerful version of the Max 360c).

It includes the detector (duh), a three year subscription to Escort’s North American Defender Database (a huge, updated database of Red Light Cameras and Speed Trap locations), an extra two years on the extended warranty plan, and the icing on the cake: a Mini USB Cable of undisclosed length.

Free Gold Package with code FREEGOLD
Escort Max 360 with Free Gold Package

Free Gold Package with purchase of MAX 360 Radar Detector at Escort Radar, Use Code FREEGOLD to save up to $89.85. Offer Expires 10/18/2020.

$589.80 $499.95 Read Review
We earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking this link. Thanks for your support 🙂

We’ll admit, Escort’s products don’t come cheap (please don’t take that out of context), but they are very good. And if you do end up with a speeding ticket while using one, they’ll reimburse you for the cost.

They also come with real-time driver alerts with ESCORT Live (like Waze), GPS-based AutoLearn Technology, and Intelligent Speed Sensitivity & IVT Filter to reduce false alerts.

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