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Liberty Bell Auto Protect Review: Coverage, Cost, Perks

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Liberty Bell Auto Protect Review
In Our Opinion:
Liberty Bell Auto Protect rivals well-known providers with its affordable costs and high customer ratings. We awarded Liberty Bell Auto Protect with the title "Best Military Discount" because of the deals it gives those with military backgrounds.
Industry Standing
Customer Service
Price match guarantee
Military discount
Flexible transfer policy
Positive customer reviews and ratings
No exclusionary bumper-to-bumper plan
Only three plans
Coverage not available in California
Best Military Discount

Have you thought about how you might cover expensive repairs when they come up? In the world of extended warranties, Liberty Bell Auto Protect is a reliable company that can cover a range of repairs and provides peace of mind. 

Whether you save up your own money for repairs or go with an extended auto warranty, it’s important to have a plan. We’ve researched the best extended car warranty companies and found Liberty Bell Auto Protect stood out for its military discount. 

If you’re looking for an extended warranty, comparison shopping is the way to go. Get free quotes from multiple providers and compare them on price and coverage to see what works for you.

Top Car Warranty Companies
We reviewed the top extended warranty providers, and here are our top picks. 
Best Overall Best for Used Cars Best Military Discount
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Top 5 Things We Like About Liberty Bell Auto Protect

Liberty Bell Auto Protect began in 2010 in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. Since then, the company has made many happy customers and covered hundreds of vehicles. Here are five things we like most about the company: 

  1. Liberty Bell Auto Protect has a price match guarantee. 
  2. Drivers can get coverage for vehicles up to 20 years old or 140,000 miles.
  3. The company has great reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot.
  4. All plans come with roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and trip interruption.
  5. The highest coverage option includes things like GPS, convertible top motors, and rear-facing cameras. 

The company’s cancellation policy is pretty standard. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee, as long as you haven’t used any of the coverage. You can cancel after 30 days for a prorated refund, which subtracts mileage, service, and time used. Even if you don’t use any of the warranty coverage, you won’t get a full refund after 30 days. 

Liberty Bell Auto Protect allows you to transfer the contract to a secondary private owner if you sell your car. This can add value to your car when you sell it. Interestingly, the company allows a contract to be transferred two times over its existence. 

So, the secondary owner also benefits from this if they want to sell the car themselves. Most other extended warranty companies only allow for one transfer, so Liberty Bell Auto Protect’s transfer policy is definitely a plus. There is also no fee to transfer a policy, according to the sample contract online. 

Liberty Bell Auto Protect Coverage Overview

Liberty Bell Auto Protect offers three different coverage options: Platinum, Platinum Plus, and Platinum Prime. Drivers can go to any repair facility with an ASE-Certified® mechanic for repairs. There are tens of thousands of shops to choose from in the U.S. and Canada. 

Here’s how the different coverage options break down:

  Platinum Platinum Plus Platinum Prime
Engine ? ? ?
Transmission ? ? ?
Drive axle ? ? ?
Cooling system ? ? ?
Basic electrical ? ? ?
Brakes ? ? ?
AWD ? ? ?
Steering   ? ?
Air conditioning/heating     ?
Fuel system     ?
ABS     ?
Suspension     ?
Turbocharger     ?
High-tech     ?
Differential assembly     ?
Seals and gaskets     ?

Coverage Details

The Platinum plan covers the powertrain (engine, transmission, and drive axle) plus a few essential systems. The Platinum Plus plan adds coverage for the steering system. Finally, the Platinum Prime plan covers hundreds of parts on most major systems. It covers high-tech components like power window motors, temperature sensors, sunroof motors, and keyless entry modules. 

Seals and gaskets are covered only under the Platinum Prime plan, and only in conjunction with a covered repair. Some other companies cover seals and gaskets at any level. 

All of these plans are stated-component contracts, which means each covered item is listed on the contract. The other main type of contract is called exclusionary, and it’s what bumper-to-bumper warranties use. 

So, how does this coverage compare to other companies? Well, Liberty Bell Auto Protect plans have the basics covered, but there are only three options. 

For comparison, Endurance warranty plans come in six varieties, and CarShield warranties come in six, so Liberty Bell Auto Protect doesn’t offer the widest range of choices out there. On the other end of the spectrum is auto repair insurance, which doesn’t quite have the flexibility or freedom of an extended warranty plan. 

Coverage Perks

Liberty Bell Auto Protect offers the following perks on all its plans:

  • Rental car reimbursement: Provides up to $35 per day for a maximum of six days.
  • Trip interruption reimbursement: Provides up to $50 per day for a maximum of three days if you have a breakdown more than 100 miles from home.
  • Roadside assistance reimbursement: Covers up to $100 for towing, one spare tire installation per year, $40 for battery jump-starts or fuel delivery, and $20 for lockout assistance.

Liberty Bell Auto Protect contracts have a standard waiting period, which is usually 30 days and 1,000 miles. You can’t use these benefits during the waiting period. 

What Liberty Bell Auto Protect Doesn’t Cover

While the company covers hundreds of parts on your vehicle, it doesn’t cover everything. Here are a few examples: 

  • Audio system
  • Shock absorbers
  • Regular maintenance
  • Recalls and service bulletins
  • Wear items and tune-up parts
  • Damage from lack of maintenance
  • Cosmetic items like chrome and glass
  • Damage from accidents or environmental events

Before you get to the repair shop, you need to contact the Liberty Bell Auto Protect claims department. Like all extended warranty companies, Liberty Bell Auto Protect won’t cover unauthorized repairs. Liberty Bell Auto Protect also doesn’t cover the cost of teardown or diagnosis, even if the failed part is covered. 

It’s important to know what’s written in the contract. If this is the first time you’ve shopped for a vehicle service contract, check out our extended warranty buyers guide for an in-depth review of the process.

Lastly, Liberty Bell Auto Protect doesn’t offer coverage in California. On the other hand, CARCHEX does cover drivers in the Golden State. If you live in California, check out our CARCHEX review to learn about the company.

AAA auto insurance protect you when in an accidents
Like most extended car warranties, Liberty Bell Auto Protect doesn’t cover repairs due to accidents or collision.

Liberty Bell Auto Protect Customer Reviews

Liberty Bell Auto Protect reviews on the BBB give the company about 3.8 stars overall. The company also has a B rating from the BBB itself, plus a rating of “Excellent” from Liberty Bell Auto Protect reviews on Trustpilot. 

Many Liberty Bell Auto Protect reviews are about how easy the purchase process is. Customers say the staff is helpful and knowledgeable, and they take their time explaining the different contracts. We also found a number of positive reviews about the claims process, which is another good sign. 

Negative Liberty Bell Auto Protect reviews mention a few issues:

  • Engine teardown cost not covered
  • Poor claims service – waiting days to hear back
  • Items not being covered when they are on the contract

One driver mentioned a leaking water pump wasn’t considered a failure, so it wasn’t covered. The reality is a part listed on the contract might not be covered under certain situations. If you purchase an extended car warranty, take the first 30 days to go over the whole contract and ask for clarification on anything you don’t understand. 

Liberty Bell Auto Protect Review Examples

Here are a couple of example Liberty Bell Auto Protect reviews, one positive and one negative: 

“This coverage has already saved me money in repair costs on my Honda Odyssey. I had to get a power steering issue fixed and they covered it. Filing a claim was easy and fast compared to my previous experiences with the other warranty company.” – Melani R., BBB

“Like almost all extended auto coverage companies, they are warm and excited to sell you a policy. But then, when you have a needed repair, they are slow to respond, often weeks later.” – Charles W., Trustpilot

While there are some negative reviews, the overwhelming majority of Liberty Bell Auto Protect reviews are positive. 

Liberty Bell Auto Protect Warranty Costs

From our research, we found Liberty Bell Auto Protect plans cost about $450 per year of coverage, which is pretty much the average we found across the top providers, as well. 

So, a five-year plan could cost $2,250 in total. A typical payment period is 24 months, so you’d be making monthly payments of about $90 unless you made a down payment at the start. 

Liberty Bell Auto Protect also offers a 110-percent price match guarantee, so you have some leverage if you’ve received cheaper quotes from other companies. Quotes are dependent on the following:

  • State regulations and taxes
  • The type of coverage you want
  • Make, model, and mileage of your car
  • Deductible options and other discounts

With Liberty Bell Auto Protect, you could qualify for a $0 deductible. You can also choose a higher deductible amount, which typically brings down the overall cost. Be sure to ask plenty of questions when you speak to a Liberty Bell Auto Protect salesperson about pricing. According to Kelley Blue Book

“A deductible amount might have to be paid out of pocket for each repair, or for each visit. If a repair takes two or more sessions, ask if the deductible must be paid again.”

From our research, the company uses a deductible once per visit, so multiple repairs could be performed under one deductible. As long as your vehicle is at the shop, one deductible amount should cover it. 

Conclusion: Liberty Bell Auto Protect Is A Solid Choice

Compared to other companies on the market, Liberty Bell Auto Protect holds its own. It might not offer as many choices for coverage, but it has good prices and reviews. Compare a quote from Liberty Bell Auto Protect against a few other best extended warranty providers for the best deal. 

Top Car Warranty Companies
We reviewed the top extended warranty providers, and here are our top picks. 
Best Overall Best for Used Cars Best Military Discount
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