2018 Honda CR Z artists rendering 1011
2018 Honda CR-Z Illustration

2018 Honda CR-Z: First Look

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have is the possible rendering of the 2018 Honda CR-Z.  Our initial impressions of the next generation CR-Z is very good indeed. It looks a lot more attractive than the current version and looks are quite menacing. However, to be honest, any version of the upcoming CR-Z will be lot more attractive than the current version.

Right now, the current generation CR-Z has been plagued with a very underwhelming Hybrid drivetrain and because of this, the CR-Z is struggling to gain some traction in the American Hybrid vehicle market. Last year, Honda terminated the sales of the CR-Z in Europe and Australia because of these factors.

The current generation Honda CR-Z is based on a modified platform derived from the Honda Fit. Unlike the Fit, the fuel tank in the Honda CR-Z is placed in the back, rather than in the center, and that is the major difference between the two cars.

Compared to the current generation Honda CR-Z, the new CR-Z, based on the renderings at least, looks a lot more aggressive, thanks to its angular body lines and creases. Up front, it looks like the upcoming Honda CR-Z has taken some styling cues from its more expensive cousin, the Honda NSX. Out back, the Honda CR-Z has taken some styling tips from the Euro-market Honda Civic Type-R.

A few of the current 2015 Honda CR-Z:


This is where the new Honda CR-Z definitely standouts when compared to the current model with its lethargic hybrid powertrain. Over the past year or so, Honda of America Executives have been begging Honda Motor Cars board members to come up with an affordable high-performance sports coupe to increase the brand awareness and the new CR-Z might be the answer to all of their prayers.

As of this writing, word around the internet is that the new Honda CR-Z will be receiving a detuned version of the 2.0 L Turbocharged V-TEC 4 cylinder engine found in the upcoming Honda Civic Type-R. In the Civic Type-R, the engine is tuned to produce 306 horsepower and 295 lb.ft. of torque. So, even if the motor is detuned, expect the power output to still remain well above the 280 horsepower mark and we also expect the torque figures to remain the same or slightly lower.

If the powertrain is directly transplanted from the Civic Type-R to the new Honda CR-Z, the default transmission will be the six-speed manual gearbox and right now, there is no word about a possible automatic transmission as an option.

While the U.S. bound Honda CR-Z models going to receive the new 2.0 liter engine, the Japanese market CR-Z will retain its hybrid drivertrain. The engine in the Japanese market Honda CR-Z is a 1.5 liter i-DCD motor, which with the batteries , will produce 200 horsepower. Unlike the U.S. bound CR-Zs, the transmission in the JDM spec Honda CR-Z will be a new eight-speed automatic gearbox.

What’s New

Compared to the current generation Honda CR-Z, the new model will be slightly longer and wider. While the current CR-Z sits on top of a modified platform from the Honda Fit, in order to save some money, the new CR-Z will be sharing its platform with the new Honda Civic. However, in order to fit the new CR-Z, the Civic’s platform will be shortened by four inches.

When the new Honda CR-Z arrives in the U.S., it might be marketed as a high-performance coupe version of the next Civic and could possibly be badged as Honda Civic CR-Z.


Right now, the new Honda CR-Z is still at least three years away from making its way into your local Honda showrooms. Expect Honda to showcase a concept version of this car during the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Afterwards, Honda might set the go on-sale date for the new CR-Z sometime in early 2018.

More 2015 Honda CR-Z details:

Images provided by Honda Motor Cars USA.

  1. Looks good but I need to see users review first before buying it. Of course I have to wait when it’s already in the market. I had the previous model and I didn’t regret buying it and I had so much fun with my 2012 honda CR-Z. I am willing to replace it with 2018 cr-z when I find the reviews good.

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