Top Off-Road Trails & Parks in America (Infographic)

You’ve got your Jeep Wrangler all customized; you’ve got your Hummer all jacked up; your Toyota Tacoma is all decked out and waiting. You’re getting packed and ready to go – or at least you like to be.  When you have a super cool off-road ride, just where do you take it?

Perhaps you want to see the hidden trails of your home state? Maybe you want to venture to a new locale out of state? Either way, you want to leave the congestion of the city behind and simply enjoy the great outdoors.

Top Off-Road Trails In America

PartCatalog and Wired SEO recently conducted a survey asking where the top off-road trails are in America. Thousands of people responded, sounding off about the best destinations in 39 states. Although other surveys of this nature exist, PartCatalog and Wired SEO took a different approach.

“There are a lot of lists out there showcasing top off-road destinations, but they’re all very subjective,” explained Clint Henderson of PartCatalog. “Many were decided by only a few or, in most cases, one individual.”

PartCatalog specializes in a variety of vehicle accessories, including 4×4 truck and Jeep parts. After visiting with customers, it became apparent that having a list of top off-road trails was a must.

“We got an overwhelmingly positive response to the idea of compiling the best off-roading destinations based on location,” Henderson said. “That’s how we decided to run a massive nationwide survey to discover the top off-road trails and parks in each state.”

Strength In Numbers

Over 12,000 people participated in the survey. Henderson believes, becasue of this, the off-road locations on the list really do reflect the best destinations.

“The trails and parks we’ve compiled are special because of the sheer numbers involved,” he said.

PartCatalog did a similar survey last year and will conduct another one next year to keep the list as accurate as possible. Wired SEO helped Henderson and his team reach more people this year, so new destinations in different states could be added.

“The number two park in Texas this year didn’t exist when we ran the survey last year,” Henderson revealed.

Conversely, a few of last year’s winners were removed.

“Some of the top trails from last year don’t exist anymore,” Henderson explained. “Certain parks may stop or start allowing off-roading over the course of a year.”

The infographic below shows the top off-road trails and parks in America according to the survey results. Each destination is listed by state and we recommend visiting any of them. Perhaps you are ambitions and want to cross them off one at a time? If you do, you will certinately be in good company.

“It’s great seeing just how proud the park owners are of their parks and they’re thanking their patrons who loved the park so much that they voted for it,” Henderson said. “The off-roading community is a great community.”

Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan 


Cover Photo: FCA US LLC

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