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When I was a Service Advisor, our dealership carried WeatherTech mats. Customers and employees alike spoke highly of them but I never owned a set myself. WeatherTech, established in 1989, manufactures a variety of vehicle protection accessories. WeatherTech’s corporate headquarters are in Bolingbrook, Illinois; their product development happens in nearby Downers Grove.

Recently, I received a set of WeatherTech FloorLiners from Part Catalog. The timing was excellent as Danielle and I were planning a July 4th getaway at Warren Dunes State Park.

With us hiking the sand dunes and enjoying the beaches of Lake Michigan, it was the perfect place to test the liners.


The process is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes. Retention grommets and hooks to secure the liners to your vehicle’s floor are included. One thing to remember: make sure the liners are not resting on top of the accelerator or brake pedal. WeatherTech suggests moving the pedals through their full range of motion in the owner’s manual before driving. Without thinking, I had the liner on the gas pedal – luckily I discovered this before it became a more serious issue.

WeatherTech FloorLiners are designed primarily for vehicles with carpet and do not accommodate those with vinyl, unless otherwise noted.

WeatherTech FloorLiners, passenger side, rear.

WeatherTech FloorLiners, passenger side, rear.


WeatherTech FloorLiners are made with a High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material. It’s very stiff and durable and can take the rigors of frequent driving and use. The laser measured liners fit each vehicle specifically – in this case, Danielle’s 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback.

I felt the liners were measured correctly, covering the vital areas of the car inside that would be the most susceptible to dirt, mud, snow, and grime.

Spill Resistant

Families may appreciate the special grooves that help minimize fluid movement, should something accidentally spill. I intentionally poured a cup of water on the liners, just to see. The water was blocked and contained by the channels and didn’t end up elsewhere in the vehicle.

The water I spilled ran off the liners easily, once I removed them.

Clean Up

On our July 4th outing, Danielle and I hiked up the massive sand dunes at Warren Dunes State Park. At our camp site, we picked up a number of pebbles, dirt, and other particles that inevitably went from our flip flops into the car. When we arrived home, it was easy to shake the sand and dirt off, given the firm surface of the liners.

For the most part, the sand from the beach was contained to the liner.

WeatherTech FloorLiners, passenger side, front

WeatherTech FloorLiners, passenger side, front

The Rear FloorLiner, since it is all one piece, was a little difficult to remove and clean. Depending on the vehicle, the rear liner is either one or two pieces. In this case, for Danielle’s 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback, it was one piece, covering “the hump” on the floor.

I can imagine, if the Rear FloorLiners had been separate pieces, removal would have been much easier. However, if you don’t want to continually remove the single piece to clean them, they are pretty easy to vacuum instead.

WeatherTech Rear FloorLiner.

WeatherTech Rear FloorLiner.


I was pretty impressed with the style and functionality of the WeatherTech FloorLiner and Rear FloorLiner mats. The experience on our July 4th camping trip lead both Danielle and I to consider other WeatherTech products, like their selection of mats for businesses and homes.

While her car came with nice, rubber factory mats, Danielle decided to leave the WeatherTech liners in her vehicle after we returned home from Warren Dunes.


WeatherTech products, including FloorLiners, are available through Part Catalog. Information on WeatherTech’s product line, research and development, and manufacturing process can be found on their official site.

*Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan. 

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6 Comments on "WeatherTech FloorLiner Review"

  1. Mort

    WeatherTech makes a great floor liner and even better rubber mat. The floor liner does a great job of protecting the carpet, fits great and looks nice. But watch yourself on a snowy day. Stepping onto the floor liner with snow on your feet is just like stepping onto an ice skating rink. Your feet will slip quickly so be prepared. Their rubber mat works much better in the snow belt.

  2. David Giudice

    these mats are a bad joke. I bought the complete set a year ago for my 2016 Escape and while the front mats are acceptable, the rear mats have curled and lost their shape, and my trunk mat has also curled and both look ridiculous, ESPECIALLY given the price. The solution is to rest a heavy object on the mat to straighten them out and that is direct advice from Weathertech AND the Seller. It is quite obvious that these mats need to have thicker gauge material to be more rigid. I have mats from Walmart that outperform these. Zero stars and my recommendation is DO NOT BUY and to look into 3rd party sellers for mats that have a thicker gauge material in the hopes that they are more rigid and perform as advertised.

  3. Ron Pigott

    My cargo liner does not fit well at all. This is in a ford escape. In fact it interferes with the cargo door closing.

    • jeff reed

      I purrhased one for my equinox. The liner was measured with the rear seats being moved to the most forward position, Liner fits, but adults have no leg room. I compromised and moved the seats back a few inches for more leg room without the liner being smashed. Not ideal but it works. I suggested that WeatherTech offer two cargo liners, large(with seats moved all the way forward) and smaller(with seats adjusted to the rear most position.

  4. Mark

    We just purchased a set for the front, back and cargo area, back and cargo area fit fine, front do not they slide from side to side and there is a gap on entry I sometimes catch my foot. Reached out to WeatherTech and their customer service was not helpful. Not happy and will never buy again. Oh yes this is the 3rd car I bought them for and the set was over $300. We are done with them.


    I had damage to one of the floor mats from my truck, just need one but custermer service refused to sell me one as it is against company policy so I implemented my own company policy to never buy products from this comapny again. now I have mats from another manufacture and I am happier than I would have been if I had bought 2 mats to replace just 1.

    When I spoke to custer service, eventually I said that maybe they should transfer me to an emplyee who had common sense, but buy his own admission, he said they have no there who fits that description.

    On a secondary note, in the past when they send you products, sometimes the bend them to fit in the box, well on the lasered floor mats, be prepared to be putting in some work to make them lay flat again, I think mine took 9 monthes to finally lay flat all the way

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