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Lewes Speed Trial August 22, 1936
The Brighton & Hove Motor Club ran the first Lewes Speed Trials on July 24, 1924, on the Downs above the town, but the exact route of this inaugural event is lost to history. In 1936 the course was approximately 1/3 of a mile. This is the Villiers Supercharger, that was created from one of the 1922 TT Vauxhalls by Raymond Mays and Amherst Villiers and which debuted in 1928. It was dramatically modified and consistently developed over its life, featuring a Villiers’ designed “blower,” and Mays had many successes with it at hill climbs and sprints up to 1932. By 1936 it was developing over 250 bhp but was some 896 lbs (407kg) heavier due to all its strengthening and mechanical changes, and it was no longer competitive. This is probably the 1936 Kent & Sussex Light Car Club meeting on August 22, 1936, and the driver is Sidney Cummings who had bought the car from Raymond Mays some years earlier. He posted a time of 18.8 seconds, but as it was set during a special match run, not during the official runs, this was not recognized. The Villiers, which seems to be constructed of bridge girders and riveted paneling, copiously leaking from every joint, is the very epitome of ferocity and speed.

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