Car Lister Presents Epic Giveaway Sweepstakes

These days, it’s easy to get sticker shock when looking at a new vehicle. And if you have a vehicle that has recently required extensive repairs, you know just how costly that can be. With the exception of a home, a vehicle is the largest purchase a consumer will make. For many, the expenses revolving around their car are a significant part in planning their monthly budget.

However, what if those costs were greatly offset?

Recently, Automoblog was contacted by Car Lister regarding their EPIC Giveaway. At first, I was in disbelief when I heard what they were doing and what they were giving away, I was astonished. I looked at my e-mail several times – I still don’t know if I believe it – but I am signed up and in the running myself so here we are…

What Is Car Lister?

CarLister Logo
It works as an automotive hub where visitors are able to navigate the car buying and/or selling process. Different from traditional sites of this nature, Car Lister has a social network that provides access to automotive experts, dealerships, and other car enthusiasts. Through the Car Lister social network, you can see current recalls and reviews on dealerships; you can even join a particular car club or post photos you took at a car show.

Car Lister provides a meeting point for private sellers, dealerships, and potential buyers. This approach, when combined with the social network element, makes the sometimes tricky process of buying a vehicle much easier. Every aspect of the auto shopping process, from networking and browsing, to financing and shipping is covered.

Their business model was the subject of a recent Fortune Magazine article.

To celebrate all this, Car Lister introduced the EPIC Giveaway. It seems pretty straight forward as they give away daily, weekly, and monthly prizes, but it’s the overall magnitude. Daily prizes include oil changes and gas cards, while weekly giveaways include a jumper box, vehicle detailing, and new tires. The monthly prize includes a $500.00 service voucher. There is also a weekly contest called “You Share, We Repair.” Essentially, you share your “I need repairs very badly” story with Car Lister. The winner gets $3,000 towards vehicle repairs at a participating Car Lister dealership.

Granted, all of these are pretty slick but still here is where my disbelief (in a good way, mind you) came in.

The grand prize will be a $25,000 voucher to purchase a vehicle at one of the participating Car Lister dealerships! And not grand prize as in there is one this year, but one every month! That’s the part that got me! Remember what I said about the sticker shock? $25,000 would go a long way to ease the pain of that…if only I could get a Pontiac Grand Prix GXP brand new…

Here Is What You Do:

Sign up at Car Lister, create a profile, and head to the section labeled “sweepstakes,” where you will find the entry button. In the same section you will also find tabs for “weekly” and “daily” giveaways. To win the smaller, more frequent prizes you will have to go to each section and click to enter. Since the smaller prizes are given away more frequently, these contests reset accordingly. Therefore, I would recommend logging in at least once a week so you can enter for all the giveaways.

A little insider tip – don’t let them know I told you this but you have the opportunity to gain additional entries for the giveaways by completing certain tasks. For example, sharing a link or talking a friend into joining increases your chances . . . now, that’s probably all I can say on the matter but that will get you started.

Car Lister is powered by DreamWare, Inc., a Naples, Florida based company that specializes in mobile eCommerce.

Good luck and if you win, let us know!  The photo below will take you there . . .

Car Lister

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