Volvo Trucks FMX – Facing the Toughest Challenge Ever

In Volvo Trucks’ next Live Test, the Volvo FMX will be exposed to one of the toughest tests ever.

In Volvo Trucks’ next Live Test, the Volvo FMX will be exposed to one of the toughest tests ever.

You’d expect more consumer-focused and younger brands to make the cool and funny promotional videos and commercials for their cars, and some of them do, but for years now Volvo Trucks have consistently made some of my favorites. Particularly with the Live Tests series.

For example, a commercial Vovlo Truck goes running with the bulls through the streets of Spain in “The Chase“. In “The Casino“, Volvo placed hidden cameras all over the Italian Riviera to film a stunt where they hand the keys of one of their massive trucks to a poor unsuspecting valet on his first day, promoting their new (sports-car-like) dual clutch transmission. And my favorite by far, is The Hamster Stunt in which we watch a hamster steer a truck up a quarry in Spain to show how easy it is to maneuver.

Tomorrow, Volvo Trucks are bringing the Live Tests series back and releasing their latest promo video.

FMX Remote Ingela

“With our upcoming Live Test, we want to open people’s eyes to how much the Volvo FMX can actually take,” says Ingela Nordenhav, Global Marketing and Communication Director for Volvo Trucks.”

Volvo says they’ve “launched a number of new functions for the Volvo FMX during the last year that help make the truck unbeatable with regard to strength and traction.”

I’m interested to see what tests they’ll put the truck through and what spin they’ll take with it. Check out the teaser video below, and keep an eye on the Volvo Trucks Youtube page to see the new video when it launches tomorrow.

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    Combining a Volvo Truck in a race against a Koenigsegg.

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