Momkhana!? Toyota Sienna Versus Suburbia!

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Have you ever wanted a family hauler that isn’t boring as hell to drive? I have. This usually leads to thoughts of hot Caprice wagons and Dodge Magnums with the SRT package. I have never thought about this topic having a minivan on the list.

That is, until now.  This Toyota Sienna has changed our minds.

Check out this sweet video (yes, I know it is a footwear ad) called Momkhana below. This is some seriously awesome hoonage. I know that a lot of our readers are trapped driving people movers that feel more at home at the mall than on a windy road. This converted Sienna, however, looks quite comfortable doing donuts and drifting corners.

The van started out at as plain old Sienna probably sporting a 3.3L V6. My mom actually had two just like it. Her van didn’t have an LS3 V8 crammed under the hood but that would have been sweet though. That LS3 is claimed to be tuned out to 550hp and be driving the rear wheels, if that wasn’t completely obvious. The astute might have also noticed the large hand brake in between the front seats. That allows the rear wheels to be easily locked, just like a rally car or Ken Block’s Gymkhana cars.

We Heart Shauna

Apparently, the van was built in two and half weeks. Not bad for a one off, advertising vehicle. The driver really is that nice looking mom type you see at the beginning of the video. Her name is Shauna Duggins and she is a professional stuntwoman. Shauna seems to be fully capable of flogging that Toyota. You might be wondering about child endangerment here but if you check out the video below, the makers explain that kids weren’t ever in the car when Shauna was doing stunts.

They actually had a cool rig and a smoke machine to simulate drifting when showing shots of the kids.

Awesomely done advertising! I can’t wait for Momkhana 2, drifting through Disneyland!


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