Ford Focus RS 2016

CONFIRMED….2016 Ford Focus RS WILL come with AWD

2016 Ford Focus RS

Volkswagen Golf R, watch your back, the long-awaited Ford Focus RS will feature AWD (I’m sure it was because of our threats) and the best part is that it will come to the United States in 2016.

So, what do we know so far about this sizzling hot hatch? For one, we know for sure it will use a 2.3 L EcoBoost 4 cylinder engine from the Ford Mustang, and in the Focus RS, it will be tuned to produce at least 350 horsepower, which should put it well ahead of the 292 horsepower Volkswagen Golf R hot hatch.

Second, unlike the AWD systems used in the Fusion and the Lincoln MKC, the AWD system in the Ford Focus RS will be completely different and will use a highly sophisticated torque vectoring system at both axles, to keep the Focus RS planted to the ground at high cornering speeds.

Compared to the Ford Focus ST, the Focus RS will use a lot more aero components to keep the air flowing smoothly over all the right parts to keep the car stable during high speeds on the racetracks.

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However, unlike the Volkswagen Golf R hatchback, which comes as both a three and a five door model, the Focus RS will be available exclusively as a five door variant. Sorry folks, the rumor of a three door Focus RS is not true as Ford currently does not produce a three door version of the Focus.

Ford Focus RS 2016

At the moment, the Ford Focus RS is scheduled to launch with a six-speed manual, but we are not sure if the Focus RS will feature a dual-clutch transmission as an option since the Focus RS will be imported to the US in a very limited quantity. If you want a dual-clutch transmission in your hot hatch, you can always opt for the Volkswagen Golf R, but we are not sure if it will be as fun to toss around the racetrack as the Focus RS.

So far this is what we know about the highly anticipated 2016 Ford Focus RS hot hatch. At the moment of this writing, Ford has not announced any pricing information or the exact launch date for the car, but as more information becomes available, we will keep you posted accordingly, so stay tuned for more sizzling info about this one hot pocket rocket!

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