Lamborghini Huracán Crash at 200MPH, Well That Didn’t Take Long

Lamborghini Huracan Crash

This happened back in September but has only recently come out. The Hungarian Police released this video (probably as a speeding deterrent) showing the driver flying past other drivers like he was playing Grand Theft Auto. The driver then lost control, slid off the road, and promptly burnt itself to the ground, in typical Italian fashion.

The picture above shows the car before all this, the driver taking it up to over 330 Kilometers an hour (that is closing in on 210MPH), and all that was left when it was said and done. This guy is a royal IDIOT. Doing this kind of driving on public highways is asking for trouble. Luckily, this was a single car accident and jackass and his copilot managed to get out of this with their lives. So many times people do this they end up killing themselves and a few others on the way out. On Lamborghini’s part, bravo. You built a car that can easily (even by this ham fisted knuckledragger) top 200MPH and have the occupants not die immediately if something bad happens. Hats off to you.

2015 Lamborghini Huracan

The Huracán has only been shipping for a couple of months and it is probably the best Lamborghini ever built. The Huracán has a new gearbox and AWD system that Hammond from Top Gear (Original) says is brilliant. The 5.2L V10 has been tuned up to just over 600hp. Reviews are saying that the Huracán is the most civilized and fast production Lambo ever.

For lovers of the Bull, this is sad. Lamborghini has always been the car for the clinically insane. If you have a stack of cash and little regard for your safety, this was the brand for you as proven by the above. That guy is lucky he wasn’t driving a Countach. Lambo has made a great car that lots of people will love, and that is the problem. Audi (their newest owner) has taken the soul that has embodied Lamborghinis for decades and replaced it with something boring and drab. In other words, they made it German. Bleh….

Huracan Crash

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