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Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Camera Review

Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Cam Front
The Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Cam films in 1296P Super HD or 1080P HD. The Ambarella™ A7LA chipset will record flawlessly, even at night.

Be it short runs to the grocery store or long road trips, the Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Cam is ready to capture the action! Professional drivers will like the CDR 900’s ability to record the track while the everyday family can appreciate the security it provides.  Social media gurus will enjoy posting their daily drives, especially if something funny or out of the ordinary happens in front of their car.

Cobra Electronics manufactures a wide array of neat toys that ultimately enhance the driving experience.  In addition to dash cameras, Cobra offers navigation devices, power inverters and detection systems.  They debuted the first CB Radio more than 50 years ago.  I remember my father had a Cobra CB Radio in his 1979 Ford Thunderbird.  When he would put the large antenna on the trunk, I always felt it made the car a little more special.

It looked so cool riding along back there.

Cobra 148 GTL 5 pin


The Cobra CDR 900 HD is ready to rock, right from the box.  Each unit comes with the following:

1. Product Manual (I downloaded it to  my phone – easy to read and understand)
2. Heavy Duty Suction Cup Mount (Stays in place, even in cold weather – nice for us Michigan folks)
3. 8GB Micro SD Card (Already installed)
4. Cigarette Lighter Adapter
5. Micro USB to USB Cables (12 foot cable enables the Auto-Power ON and Auto-Record / 1 foot cord is for transferring data to a computer)
6. Tripod Connector
7. Lanyard and Lanyard Mount

Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Camera  Installation
Setting up the Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Camera is a breeze.


The Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Camera functions in two different modes.

DASH CAM MODE: This shoots a continuous loop, recycling old footage every three minutes.
ACTION CAM: Does not recycle footage; goes until the memory card is full.  A timer keeps track of the available space on the memory card.

I personally like the DASH CAM MODE but play with it and see what works for you.

Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Camera  Snapshot
Summer evening drive through Detroit, Michigan. I had the Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Camera mounted to the windshield as I passed the GM Renaissance Center.


The Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Camera is equipped with a G Sensor that engages the camera when an impact is felt.  The CDR 900 then saves the 30 seconds of footage before and after the accident.   If your car is involved in a hit and run, such information would be of value to the authorities.  I often feel the CDR 900 is a great theft deterrent too.

Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Camera LENS
With its G Sensor and 8GB memory card (installed) the Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Camera is the perfect set of eyes to assist with your daily drive.


The Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Cam puts the “fun” in functionality.  The Cobra Drive HD App allows you to change and customize the settings on your camera, through Wi-Fi capability.  The app can be downloaded at the Google Play Store for free.

CDR 900 App Screenshot #2

Cloud Mode lets you save your footage, anywhere in the world.  So on your vacation,  you can share that crazy video from the car wash…

What's THAT?!
What’s THAT?!
It's headed straight for us!!!!
It’s headed straight for us!!!!
Oh my what a relief . . .
Oh my what a relief . . .


As times change, so do driving accessories.  In the days of my father, it was the CB radio; for my generation, navigation and things like the Cobra CDR 900 HD Dash Cam.   I felt, as a kid, when looking at the CB antenna on my father’s 79 Thunderbird that we had the coolest car in the neighborhood.  I get the same sense when I see the CDR 900 mounted to the window of my 15 Fusion.

When it records the road, I feel safe.   When my friends ask me what it is, I feel cool.  When I put it away after a long drive, I feel relieved I had one for the journey.

You can head over to Cobra’s site to check out more info on the CDR 900 HD Dash Cam, or pick it up on Amazon for (as of this writing) $194, or check the widget to the right for updated pricing.

Special thanks to Rebecca Kufrin of Skyya Communications

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