Buy a New Car, Get Free Vacation? Hell Yeah!

It looks like people are finally starting to buy luxury items again. The main three Euro brands have all seen a decent increase in sales over 2013. Mercedes is up 7%, BMW almost 10%, and Audi is up a whopping 15%! It seems that the economy might finally be on the mend enough for people to splurge again.

Volvo V60 T6

This got me thinking. If I was to buy a new Euro-beast, what would it be?

I really like the new Volvo V60. I know I’m weird, but you’ll survive. Then, I remembered that you can get a discount (sometimes) for picking it up at the factory. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, and Porsche allow you to have a new vehicle delivery experience at their factories. BMW even has a building dedicated to “customer experience” where you pick up your new car, peruse other new BMW models, and revel in German Modernism.

The coolest thing yet about this entire experience is that all the manufacturers listed above (expect Porsche, naturally) don’t charge for this. They actually give you a discount:

Mercedes and BMW both offer 7% off. Mercedes gives that discount off the total cost, whereas BMW gives it off the base MSRP. Audi offers 5% off base MSRP. Volvo’s website leads me to believe that there is no discount but some internet searching says otherwise. This may be an unpublished discount or just an internet rumor. With the first three, this means that you can take a European Vacation on the savings from your new car. Total savings on a nicely loaded E-class is over $5000. I mean, you were going to buy that E350 anyway. Why not drive your new car around Europe for free when you get it!?

It gets better too. Most of these marques seem to include two weeks insurance, discount airfare, and several locations around Europe to drop off your new ride when you’re done. There are tons of things within driving distance of these factories too.

From all the German factories, it is a short drive to the Nürburgring, if you are brave enough to take your new ride on the Green Hell. If you want some driving nirvana a little further south (Ok, it is 1100 miles) you can hit the Transf?g?r??an in Romania, or the Stelvio Pass in Italy.

More than likely, I would have to take my wife to Milan and Paris to make up for spending $50k on a new car. This makes me want to go pick up a BMW 328d Sports Wagon and tool around Europe for a few weeks. Who knows, maybe I will be able to do that some day.

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