2015 Saleen Tesla ST Model S side

2015 Saleen ST – The Badass-ified Tesla Model S

Steve Saleen put out a press release describing the 2015 Saleen ST. Based on the Tesla Model S, which is already the hottest electric vehicle out there, the ST comes in a variety of flavors and options but the really interesting one is based on the P85D Model S. The D stands for Dual motor, by the way.

The Tesla Model S P85D already packs 691hp, and almost as much torque through all four wheels.  For those that care, 68% is running through the rear axle like a PROPER all wheel drive system. This model can rip mid-11s through the quarter, seat 5, and has a range well over 200 miles if you can keep from testing out that quarter mile time at every light.

Sounds like the perfect sedan, right? This is where Saleen enters the game.

2015 Saleen Tesla ST Model S rear

The Saleen ST doesn’t add any more power. Before you get all bummed out, read on. What they do add is a shorter final drive ratio (which drops the 0-60 by a tenth or two), improved sport suspension and brakes(for the eco-conscience, track enthusiast), custom interior (that looks awesome), and some really nice, understated body work. This last one has been a sticking point of mine on Saleen products in the past, but look at this thing. It’s freaking gorgeous!

If you want to check out the options list, click here: 2015 Saleen ST Options List (PDF)

Saleen has starting shipping the 2014 version of this car. You guys might remember earlier this year when they released the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN, which is a ridiculous name. Thank you Saleen for coming to your senses and changing the name on this great car.

2015 Saleen Tesla ST Model S interior