Production-Ready Acura NSX to Debut – Finally – at Detroit Auto Show

Acura NSX Production Model Teaser Image

One of the first times the new Acura NSX was seen by the public was in a commercial that featured Jerry Seinfeld battling to get the first new NSX, eventually losing to Jay Leno. Then about a year and a half later, Acura used an NSX concept car at the Mid Ohio Indy Car race as a pace car. In December 2013, players of Gran Turismo 6 got the chance to drive the car in the virtual world. Since then there has been news all over the internet about the car. Now, finally Acura has announced that it will show the production ready and much anticipated NSX at the North American International Auto Show on January 12, 2015 in Detroit.

“After three years of intensive development work we are excited to reveal this next-generation supercar—the Acura NSX—to the world,” Ted Klaus, chief engineer and global project leader over NSX development said. “We’ve developed a human-centered supercar that responds to the will of the driver and that builds upon the NSX heritage.”

Acura NSX Production Model Teaser Image

What will be shown is the clearest picture to date of the car that will prowl the streets and hopefully gave people, particularly enthusiasts a reason to care about the Acura brand. Although the NSX seems to be directly targeted at the 458 Italia and cars with similar performance it takes a page out of the hyper car book by utilizing a hybrid power train. A preview of the car and how the three motor twin-turbo unit will sound can be enjoyed thanks to a video released by Acura on their YouTube channel – and boy does it sound good:

The original car was developed with three-time Formula 1 World Champion Ayrton Senna and was benchmarked against the 328 and 348 Ferrari’s. This seems to be the recipe once again as it will surely cost significantly less, but with offer similar performance to the 458 Italia.

“The next-generation NSX will deliver a ‘new sports experience’ true to its heritage and to the supercar concept that originally gave rise to the name NSX,” Mike Accavitti, Acura division senior vice president and general manager said. “The NSX will serve as the ultimate expression of Acura performance that is fueling a reenergized brand.”

Thanks to the internet, anybody with a web connection will be able to watch the Acura NSX press conference at the North American International Auto Show on Jan. 12 at 11:50 a.m. ET. Watch the press conference live at

Acura NSX Production Model Teaser Image

Excited? Yes, particularly for what this means for Acura. When they killed the Integra, the RSX and the NSX there was much of a reason to care about Acura. For the past two years the only thing that kept me even slightly interested has been following the news about the Acura NSX. So, I can’t say it’s going to be good, but I do remember what they are capable of and have high hopes for this car as a result.

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