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Volvo Trucks New Video – The Casino – Revealed

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As we told you about a couple days ago, Volvo Trucks’ videos have been a pretty massive success, despite them not really being a consumer-focused brand. They do make some interesting ones, like the Running with the Bulls promo and the uhh…interesting Hamster Driving a Truck video.

Their newest video just teased a few days ago, set to make a release after the IAA Truck Show in Hannover, Germany yesterday was shown to the public.

Have a look at it below, all shot with hidden cameras:

Poor unsuspecting kid’s first day on the job goes a tad unplanned.

The idea, of course, is to get across that the newly released I-Shift Dual Clutch transmission is similar to one out of a sports car. Kinda.

I mean yeah, they both use a dual clutch, which is a good system of course, but that’s kinda like Toyota coming out and saying the Camry is just like a Lotus Evora because they both use the same base of Toyota’s 3.5-liter V6 engine.

But still, the commercial gets its point across, and I’m sure the new transmission – a first of its kind in this range for the US – does a good job. I don’t think we’ll be doing a track test on it any time soon but we wouldn’t turn down the chance (hint-hint Volvo!)

Volvo Trucks - The Casino screenshot

For those wondering, the I-Shift Dual Clutch will be available from September 2014 on all markets selling the Volvo FH with Euro 6 D13 engines producing 460, 500 or 540 horsepower. And if you’re wondering why a dual clutch transmission is good for both trucks and sports cars:

Facts about I-Shift Dual Clutch

– I-Shift Dual Clutch is based on the I-Shift transmission. Despite its many new components the new transmission is just 12 cm longer than a regular I-Shift unit.

– I-Shift Dual Clutch changes gear without any disruption to power delivery. When driving in conditions where it is more optimal for the transmission to skip a few gears, the transmission changes gear just like a regular I-Shift unit.

– I-Shift Dual Clutch can change gears without any interruption in power delivery, with the exception of the range-change, which takes place when shifting from 6th to 7th gear.

– Smooth, gentle gearchanges cut wear on the driveline and the rest of the vehicle.

– Fuel consumption with I-Shift Dual Clutch is the same as with regular I-Shift.

– I-Shift Dual Clutch will be available on the new Volvo FH as an alternative to I-Shift and manual transmission.

Volvo Truck on road

Let us know what you think about the new video below in the comments.

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