They’re Actually Building This Thing!

Rezvani Beast launch edition

Remember the supercool Rezvani Beast we wrote about a couple weeks ago?

It’s based on the Ariel Atom, looks like a spaceship, and pushes out a stupid-fast 500 hp from a 2.4-liter twin-turbo four-banger good for a zero to 60 time of a neck-snapping 2.7 seconds and enough lateral Gs to pull your brain out your ears.

It may not have a rip-roaring V12 good for 800 hp but it’s a supercar in any damn sense of the word.

There’s also a “weak” version of the Beast called the “300” pushing out 315 hp but it “only” hits 60 from a stop in 2.9 seconds. Child’s play, really.

But all that is insignificant – the important bit…they’re actually building it.

Well, at least one of them, anyway.

Rezvani Beast driving

Someone from Texas just ordered one, which makes it “Rezvani Beast 500 #001” – not a bad thing to show off to your trackmates as they finish their Hors d’oeuvres and delicately put on their leather gloves and step into their Porsche 911s to run a few laps of Leguna Seca.

The Beast, same as the Atom, hosts a six-speed shift-it-yourselfer driving power to the rear wheels. The Rezvani tips the scales at only 1,550 lbs, making it slightly heavier than the featherweight Ariel Atom but quite a bit lighter than say, a smart fortwo.

The cost? Assuming the buyer didn’t previously have an Atom that he wants converted to the Beast, cost him $124,900 for the launch edition and includes a full day driving class so he doesn’t…you know…kill himself right away on the track.

Check out our first post on the Rezvani Beast for more info or the official Rezvani Motors website, and check out the photo gallery below for some lustworthy supercar porn:

Rezvani Beast Photo Gallery

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