A Beast Among Us: Rezvani’s Ultra Quick Supercar

What is more important to the dynasty of a popular supercar – performance or design? A masterful supercar would be able to accomplish the complex fusion of style and ultra-fast driveability. California-based Rezvani may be on track to meet the high benchmark in high-performance automobiles. Capable of setting 0 to 60-mile per hour acceleration times in less than three seconds, the Rezvani Beast is an extraordinarily striking machine.

A shaped moulded by mind of Samir Sadikhov, the Rezvani Beast features a low-profile windshield and aerodynamic, composite body panels. The use of 3-D printing technology in addition to CNC milling is explored in creating a distinctive, two-seat vehicle. Described as “low-friction”, the front end of the Beast supercar tightly tucks the headlights above a pair of large air ducts.

Through the hood of the Rezvani Beast, the front coil springs and shocks for the suspension are on display thanks to large openings. A mid-engined vehicle design, an additional set of cooling ducts is placed beyond the passenger portion of the Rezvani Beast shaped in a fashion that makes their appearance near inconspicuous with a side view.

One of the more unique aspects of the Rezvani Beast is the windscreen can be removed presenting the driver and passenger with a sheer wind-in-your-face feel in motion. In addition to the Beast supercar, other motoring creations attached to designer Samir Sadikhov includes Aston Martin DBC concept, the Cadillac C-Ville as well as the Lamborghini Aventador J and the Urus crossover concept.


Rezvani Beast

The Rezvani Beast is actually a case of a new package based on a proven base. Beneath the body panels of this supercar the super-lightweight anatomy of the Ariel Atom. Layering a nice skin overtop of the Atom chassis, the Beast continues to utilize the advantages belonging to the traditional vehicle form. With two trim levels set to be offered, the Rezvani Beast 300 and Beast 500 model reflect lightweight, high-performance ideals. Weighing 1,470 pounds (heavier than the Ariel Atom over 330 pounds less than a Smart Fortwo), the Beast 300 is equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine generating 315 horsepower. With an output of 500 horsepower and tipping the scale at a mere 1,550 pounds, the Rezvani Beast 500 is propelled by a supercharged 2.4-liter powerplant.

Through DDM Works (a South Carolina company that specializes in building speed into sport compact machines including the Ariel Atom), the Rezvani Beast receives a detailed disassembly and reassembly complete with high-grade performance components including ARP studs and upgraded pistons. Although not explained by Rezvani, it appears engines for the Beast 300 and Beast 500 are Honda powerplants (similar to those found on the TMI Autotech Ariel Atoms distributed in the United States). Providing simplicity, all Rezvani Beasts are rear-wheel drive and feature a six-speed manual transmission. Within the tires, 19-inch diameter RS05 PUR wheels feature a highly attractive design.

While the Atom is known as being one of the fastest accelerating production cars on the market, the full-bodied Rezvani Beast also possesses 0 to 60-mile per hour times that would bring shame to Ferrari owners.

The high-end Beast 500 supercar launches from 0 to 60 in just 2.7 seconds. The 315-horsepower Beast 300 also obtains a respectable response take-off time to 60 miles per hour from a standstill in 2.9 seconds. For the two occupants of the Rezvani Beast supercar, the acceleration combined with the race car-style accommodation should provide quite a rush.


Rezvani Beast

Eager to attract a crowd wanting a stylish but basic performance car, the Rezvani Beast will be sold competitively when compared to its dynamic attributes. If you are quick, you can purchase one of the first two Beast 300 Launch Edition models for just $99,500 US. A Launch Edition Beast 500 will have a purchase price of $124,900 and includes a full day driving class at a professional race track to shake down your new supercar. Following the Launch Edition, pricing for the Rezvani Beast will stand at $115,000 for the 300 model or $135,000 for the 500 model. Ariel Atom owners are also being presented with an olive branch with the Beast supercar. Current Atom owners can have their vehicle upgraded with $49,000 for the Beast 300 or $69,000 to the Beast 500.

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