Crowd Control: Sbeza Resorts to Crowdfunding for Vertigo Supercar

Sbeza Vertigo

Moving an exotic sports car from conception to street is a challenge few companies meet. For the limited manufacturers who have realized a production run, one of the biggest chores rarely accomplished by a sports car brand is establishing a reputation making it stand out. In the Czech Republic, one budding supercar maker called Sbeza is ambitiously attempting to produce a limited-production vehicle in an amusing, 21st century way. Hoping to partially fund the production of their prototype and eventually pave the way for production of the Sbeza Vertigo, the company of eight people has launched a crowdfunding effort.

Providing in only renderings at this moment, the Sbeza Vertigo presents itself as a stunning vehicle. If built, the Vertigo will weigh 1,380 pounds and be powered by a 6-liter, 8-cylinder engine. With few specification details provided on the vehicle, Sbeza estimates the Vertigo will achieve acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.7 seconds. The top speed target for the Sbeza Vertigo is 200 miles per hour. A manual-shifting transmission is promised to allow drivers to contact power to the ground.

Through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, Sbeza is appealing to potential backers to invest in the dream of their new supercar. With shares in the auto company starting at $20 US, financial contributors are granted with the opportunity to guide the future of the Sbeza Vertigo. True believers in the supercar can opt into a $500 US Star Perk package entitling the investor to 30 shares. Not only will a contributor become a meaningful component to the pending production of the Vertigo supercar, the shareholding individual will be offered a voice in future decisions for the car.

Vertigo will look like, Sbeza is committed to insure that roughly 95 percent of the concept will be incorporated in the proposed 599 examples of the supercar. Sbeza is aggressively planning to have their first production-ready Vertigo ready by late 2015 release. At this time, the sports car company has said to just entering the process of constructing a 1:4 scale model of the vehicle for aerodynamic testing.

For many sports car builders, high horsepower and speed potential is coupled with a high price tag to define its exclusivity. Because there is more than enough rich people who can afford six or seven-figure vehicles in the world, construction of expensive supercars is a business full of long running and emerging names. Ferrari, Lotus and Lamborghini are established exotic brands while other contenders such as Mexican-derived VUHL are fighting for customers with deep pockets. Sbeza is planning to price their Vertigo at around 100,000 euros considered exceptionally low-priced with a low production supercar. When I attended the 2014 Canadian International AutoShow over a month ago, I heard one member of the media defining the sale of the McLaren P1 in an interesting way. With 375 vehicles being sold around $1,150,000, more than 400 million dollars in revenue is being received by McLaren. The margins for high-priced vehicles are typically the reason why so many companies endeavour into their construction. For Sbeza to be successful, they will have either to build their Vertigo at a low-cost or plan a higher-volume product for the near future.

As of Tuesday, April 1st, the campaign for the Sbeza Vertigo stands far away from its funding goal. With 21 days remaining, only $780.00 of the $250,000 goal has been raised through Indiegogo. The deadline for the Indiegogo campaign is set at April 21st. Like the Dodge Dart Registry concept of crowd source funding promoted last year, all funds invested into the project will go to Sbeza.

Check out the Sbeza Vertigo Indiegogo campaign here


Information, video and photo source: Sbeza Automotiv, Indiegogo

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