2014 Jaguar F-Type Concept Leaks

Last year Jaguar showed off the C-X16 Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Rather than a hint at the next-generation XK, it previewed a new sports car that would slot in below it. This smaller sports car is the long-rumored F-Type.

And, by long-rumored we mean years. Sources have talked about an F-Type sports car since the beginning of the last decade, back when the Porsche Boxster was the shiny new toy in the Porsche stable. Now it is finally coming to pass, scheduled for launch at the Paris Motor Show.

As with many reveals though, it has leaked out early. An image of the car was posted on Facebook by spy photographer Chris Doane, who said he received it in his inbox today. Given that he has little incentive to get on a manufacturer’s good side, he posted it.

While it is just the front angles of the F-Type, we can glean that the car is very, very close to the C-X16 Concept. To our eyes, that is a good thing. It isn’t groundbreaking or revolutionary, and that’s OK – it’s good looking. Unlike the C-X16, the F-Type is debuting as a roadster. We like it as a coupe, but the F-Type is a Boxster competitor, after all.

Word on the street is that the We do know V-6 power will be standard, with the possible availability of a V-8 engine in higher trim levels. Lightweight and nimble, this is an exciting addition to the Jaguar lineup. The F-Type’s official launch will come next week, along with a whole slew of new images and the spec sheet.