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2014 Dodge Journey Crew AWD Review

2014 Dodge Journey side

If you need to take a journey, the Dodge Journey is a crossover that will get you and the kids there comfortably and happy. Journey is an aptly-named crossover and it fits well with what this vehicle is intended to do. This week we’ll be testing a 2014 Dodge Journey Crew AWD ($30,195), and it will handle the trips, passengers, cargo and will go where you need it to. We’ll test it in Colorado and see how it handles the extreme altitude and environment.

What’s New for 2014?

The 2014 Dodge Journey receives minor trim level updates but is otherwise unchanged for the 2014 model year. Crossovers are a combination of wagon and SUV and Journey fits in this segment. This five-door crossover uses a lightweight unit-body structure similar to that used by cars, and not a body-on-frame used by larger SUVs. This tester does come with all-wheel-drive making it a suitable all-weather multi-use vehicle. We also have the Crew model that has a third row and seating for seven.

The 2014 Dodge Journey is designed for active families

Upon first inspection, Journey is bigger than it looks and has ample room inside for passengers and cargo. The cabin is inviting and this tester came with heated front seats, leather-wrapped heated steering wheel and a host of options to make it more comfortable for the family. You can tell Dodge designed Journey for families with kids who will take this vehicle out of the city and get away for weekend trips.

2014 Dodge Journey cabin

This tester came with the optional third row that makes it ideal for families. The third row is not going to be used by adults anyway, so it will have plenty of room for the kids who want to be separated from their siblings while traveling. And Journey is versatile during the week as seats flip and fold to provide ample versatility for hauling people, cargo, or both. For hauling long and bulky cargo, this crossover offers a fold-flat front passenger seat that will allow loading items up to nine feet long.

Storage solutions are plentiful and Journey comes with a bin under the front passenger seat, storage under the floor in the second row and behind the last row of seats. It even comes with a dual glove box with Dodge’s Chill Zone that cools up to four soda cans for those longer weekend excursions. And Dodge had the kids and parents in mind when they offered the Rear Seat Video option ($1,195) that features second row overhead 9-inch video screen, premium speakers, video remote control and two wireless headphones. This insures mom and dad will arrive with the kids happy. This tester also came with a second row seat with two child booster seats ($225) for extra convenience for families with small children.

The Journey on the road

2014 Dodge Journey driving

This Journey tester came with the 3.6-liter V6 instead of the standard four-cylinder powerplant. The V6 produces 283 horsepower and 260 lb. ft of torque and comes mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. This gearbox may be the only weak link and could use updating or tuning. It felt a bit hampered when we pushed it hard up I-70 at altitude. But we definitely recommend the V6 engine, which provides that extra margin of power that families will need hauling the kids and extra cargo. Journey is comfortable and has good ride characteristics on the road, even with the 19-inch wheels, it handled the rough roads leading to my house with ease. The Journey does sit up a bit higher which is good for driver visibility, but it has a tendency to be a bit top heavy and leans more in the corners than other crossovers. Fuel economy numbers are decent with the V6 being rated at 16/24 city/highway mpg with AWD.

All-weather capability

Most families won’t be taking their Dodge Journey off-road and the all-wheel-drive system is ideal for wet or icy surfaces. If you are looking for a low-range for trail running, you will need to look elsewhere. Journey sends power to the front wheels in most conditions, but when more traction is needed, such as in wintry conditions, it sends more power to the rear wheels. This will be what most families will need and Journey is a good all-weather vehicle. It also aids handling in the corners and we could feel the crossover responding in the tight corners leading up to my house.

2014 Dodge Journey rear


We were impressed with the Dodge Journey’s cabin. This crossover has a very comfortable interior and is an inviting place to spend hours on a long road trip. We could tell Dodge designed the Journey for active families with its family-friendly entertainment and versatility features. The seven-seating option is a great choice for a growing family. For that young family who is constantly on the go and needs plenty of room for the kids and cargo, this 2014 Dodge Journey Crew AWD crossover will keep the kids entertained and get you there safely.