Audi A3 Concept 110121

2014 Audi A3 Sedan Arriving This Year

Audi A3 Concept 110121

The idea of automotive luxury on a small scale is one that has nearly always existed in Europe. For years compacts have offered more premium features and design versus the ones in the United states. Attitudes are changing though, both on the mainstream and in the luxury sector. We’re really welcoming the increasingly availability stylish, luxurious small cars.

They’re great on gas and fun to tool around in! Audi offers one already in the form of the A3 hatchback. It has never gained much traction though due its hatchback-only variation. Asking people to buy an expensive, small hatchback has proven to be a tough pill to swallow. That will be changing though with the A3 Sedan.

Audi A3 Concept 110123

At last year’s Geneva Motor Show, Audi showed off a concept preview of the new model. The first-ever A3 Sedan is aimed squarely at the U.S market. The concept showed off some design details that are different than just a sedan version of the new A3 hatchback. Hopefully that more dynamic look carries over to the production model. Audi has confirmed the arrival of the sedan, for an introduction date later this year. That most likely means Los Angeles International Auto Show in November, which would be a perfect location for the reveal. Along with the announcement though is a question regarding the hatchback A3.

They’re asking fans for input on whether they should be brought over as well. The hatchback includes the three-door and five-door iterations. The three-door is already on sale in Europe, and it is a nice update to the existing A3. The interior is where new ground has been broken, with a very youthful nature. With the sedan being the main seller of the A3 lineup, is there a place for the hatchback? Let us (and Audi) know what you think. It is going to be a very interesting battle between Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz in this segment. The three aforementioned competitors all look to bring a top-notch entry into the fight.

  1. I couldn't agree more Mr. Conn. Audi needs to make all TDIs in Quattro otherwise I'll just buy a Golf TDI. THe quattro is the key, and I'd buy that A3 TDI Audi without hesitation. Drew

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