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Show Off Your Bad Taste with Aftermarket Convertibles

Convertibles, by nature, are not as structurally sound as a vehicle with a fixed roof. That big metal lid absorbs a lot of chassis flex, created as the vehicle’s suspension reacts to the road. Remove that lid, and the body will act like Chubby Checker doing ‘The Twist’.

Chassis bracing and thick roll bars can be added to compensate for the lost structural rigidity. But all that extra metal adds weight, and spoils the handling.

All of that doesn’t make a hill’a beans to some people though. They just want a convertible version of their car, and they want it now! For them, Newport Convertible Engineering has created a hilariously complete portfolio, spanning muscle cars, to luxury SUVs. Some of their creations are really sweet, as you’ll see. But many of them didn’t even look good with their roof still attached. Nevertheless, the more-money-than-taste set cheerfully applauded the designs with their checkbooks. So how bad does it get? Scroll down, and prepare to laugh..

Lexus LX 570 – “Abu Dahbi Special”

Lexus LX 570 convertible

Cadillac Escalade – “NBA Rookie Edition”

Cadillac Escalade convertible

Hummer H2 – Gold Teeth & Guns Sold Separately

NPE Hummer H2 convertible

Buick LaCrosse – Finally, a LaCrosse that Shaq can fit in

Buick Lacrosse convertible

Buick Lacrosse convertible 2

Chevy Express – Uhmm….why?

Chevy Van convertible

Chevy Van convertible 2

Chevy Monte Carlo – I want to make a joke, but this actually looks better than the coupe

Chevy Monte Carlo convertible

A few of the Cool NCE Ragtops:

Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ convertible

Mercedes CL

Mercedes CL convertible

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger convertible

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