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Review: Blackvue Wi-Fi HD Dash Cam

Blackvue HD Wifi

With the typical cost of insurance claims and the inevitable he said/she said battles after an auto accident happens, wouldn’t it be great if you had some proof to back up your story? The security offered by Dash-Cam technology is unprecedented and the latest offering from Blackvue goes even further – the Blackvue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD offers a true “black box” recording device that will document everything from your GPS location, rate of speed, audio as well as 1080p video. There is no on/off switch which is actually a good thing – the Blackvue turns on when you turn on the ignition and records until you turn the car off. When paired with the option Power Magic Pro add-on, the Blackvue uses motion detection and the built in G-sensor to switch itself on and record events that happen while your car is parked!

Not only is the design sleek and modern, but the device is smart phone enabled with apps for both iPhone and Android platforms. In fact, setting up the Blackvue is straight forward and I was able to configure the device to my liking straight from my iPhone without any issues at all. It was honestly as easy as mounting the Blackvue, plugging it into power, switching my phone from my home network to the Blackvue’s and off I go. Ten minutes and I was already watching recorded videos right on my iPhone screen.

The accompanying desktop software application is available for both PC and Mac and provides many of the same features available on the mobile app with a few key additions. Selecting a recording is managed from a calendar which makes finding a specific video very easy. The MyWay map viewer is cool and even uses Google Maps for an interface you already know. And you can export your videos as MP4 (in Windows) for native play-back.

Blackvue Tool


  • Auto-on capability means you set it and forget it
  • Small footprint keeps the camera out of sight
  • Mobile app for easy installation and playback
  • Comes with 16 GB micro SD card and reader


  • Mounting surface is semi-permanent making swapping vehicles more difficult
  • Image can’t be rotated on the camera (but can be rotated within desktop software) so check your video before actually mounting for the first time

The Verdict

I found the Blackvue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD a fantastic solution for anyone looking for more security during their daily commute.  As an auto-enthusiast who enjoys a track day every now and again, I can confirm that the Blackvue does double-duty by providing peace of mind in my daily commute while also allowing me to critique my track sessions.

With the built-in GPS, G-Sensor and MPH readout you even get some basic attributes of an on-board data acquisition system for a fraction of the cost.  I own and use other video recorders at the track and Blackvue’s quality and ease of use has made it my race camera of choice.

Head over to the official Blackvue website for more specs on the Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD or check out the page for the cam to pick it up for a discount.

MSRP $379.99

Note: When iPhone is connected to BlackVue DR500 Wi-Fi you’re not getting any Data Access for other apps. Here’s how to fix it:

Go into Wi-Fi Settings and tap the blue arrow against BlackVue connection, enter the following settings: IP Address: Static; IP Address:; Subnet Mask:

You’ll now be connected to your dash camera as well as getting data over cellular. See this image for details.

Disclaimer: Blackvue provided this product to the editor for purposes of review. All opinions are true and unbiased.

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