The Toyota MKV Supra is Finally Here!

Update: If you’re looking for the new Supra (FT-1) announced at the 2014 NAIAS Detroit Auto Show, you’ll want to head over here: Finally, This Might be the Next Supra – the Toyota FT-1

Toyota MKV Supra

Ladies and Gentleman, the king of the jungle is reprising his role, and has Godzilla in his sights.  So you may have seen the pictures of the prototype debuted a while back in 2007.  At the North American International Auto Show the Toyota FT-HS was showcased.  Toyota said this car would be powered by a 3.5L V6 engine but would be boosted by an electric engine, the exact same principle as the power plant for the Prius.  However there was minor difference, this was to output 400 hp…with 197 hp maximum output from the electric engine!  That is basically a 2013 Civic Si.

Toyota FT-HS

The catch was they wanted to wait and see how well the FRS/GT-86 sales went.  Apparently it did well enough!  Because not only is the Supra name coming back, but Toyota has decided to alter their original “Prius on steroids” plans.

It’s time to bring some old school to the new school, and welcome the 3JZ engine.  This will be a 3.5 L inline 6 twin turbocharged monster underneath the hood, with an estimated 560 hp in the base model.  To get around the emissions laws it will have a system similar to the Prius but this option can be turned off.  Essentially it’s an electric motor that can kick in at highway cruising speeds that will increase mpg along with an active aerodynamics system.

Toyota MKV Supra

While the exact specs are still a bit fuzzy, we are hearing that it will have an active AWD system as well that will send the masses of hairy chested brutal power to the rear tires, while the front tires will have a small amount of power distributed to them as needed to pull those few extra g’s Toyota needs to outshine the GT-R.

Toyota MKV Supra rear

More news to make you drool, the word from Toyota is that it will be more affordable than the GT-R, somewhere in the 50-60k price bracket and have a 2015 release…or possibly sooner!  Now all we need is a targa top.  What we have here could quite possibly be the best tuner ever created!  Stay tuned for more details, and let us know what you think of the concept pictures.

Oh, and by the way, happy April Fool’s Day tomorrow (you really think this would be believable if it was published tomorrow?) But really, let’s get on this Toyota. When/if the Supra MKV is finally released, I’d like to see how close to spec we are.

Toyota MKV Supra top

33 Comments on "The Toyota MKV Supra is Finally Here!"

  1. Israel Smyly

    looks like a damn 350z in the front. Ill keep my MKIV until they have some better pictures up. If this thing is all that and a bag of chips when it comes out I may consider putting it next to my Supra.

    • Luiz Pinheiro

      You really have no idea, just because the car is not 100% cosmetically to your taste you will ignore every other positive aspect of this car? Do you think it would take long till somebody made an aftermarket front bumper to your specific taste..! ILMAO…! got back to sleep..!

  2. Jason Soko

    Are you guys done spewing these ridiculous claims? I cant tell if you're deliberately leaving out sources…. or its another april fools day joke.

    • Rohan Malik

      It won't be a GTR killer. May be cheaper for a new one but it's still a better bang for your buck option to buy a used GTR.

      • Jason Escobar

        Toyota is working side by side with BMW. They said at the beginning that it’ll be a GTR killer. With BMW at their side, it could very well be. Besides price range. Maybe you don’t fully understand it’s ancestor, the MKIV Supra with a 2JZ-GTE.

    • Beau Mancini

      No? The Current MKIV can be a GTR killer, why wouldn't a Supra that's 19 years more modern have a shot at it?

    • Luiz Pinheiro

      350z front? if this drove past it will be a big head turner, if the car released there would be a million companies making bodykits for it then u can buy a your specific front bumper or just tape up your mkiv bumper to it if u like it that much..!

  3. Andrew Sheedy

    60,000 for a 500hp beast ummm best bang for your buck. and the looks will be to keep the car on the road. bugatti veyron looks like a huge lump of metal but its all aerodynamics to keep the things stuck to the road at 400km.

  4. John

    What do I think of the pictures? I think I saw them in 2011 when they were first released by someone with zero connection to Toyota and an IMDB credit as an artist on a Need for Speed video game.

  5. Paul Funtowicz

    $50-$60k… AWD… sounds like a Celica GT-4 replacement more than a Supra. Price fits it better too. I'd expect a new Supra to be sitting around $150k+ to actually compete against the likes of a GT-R or GT2/GT3 Porsche.

    Claims are cheap… Toyota has said they want to bring the Supra back, they have re-registered the name… until there is solid information (not around April fools) coming from Toyota specifically, I won't get my hopes up!

    • Sounds like a Supra replacement to me. The Supra had a slightly higher MSRP than a Corvette but didn't come with nearly as many available options to jack up the base price.

      It was never meant to compete with the ZR1, Lotus, Porsche, etc. It's aftermarket presence created a persona of a car that far exceeds it's out of the box capabilities.

  6. Trenell Stevens

    Definitely a April Fools Until it's actually confirmed and caught on camera of Toyota opening their mouths and saying "Yes, this is the next generation Supra" then it's all talk as usual.

  7. Stevie T

    Just in case you guys don’t remember or old enough to remember, the Supra was cheaper than the GTR by almost 20 grand at the time. Since they stopped production of the Supra, the Supra never lost its value while the GTR has. I’m glad to see that the beast has returned.

  8. Karbis Sarafyan

    Prius on steroids? Who the fuck would want a Prius on sterioids!!?? LMAO but i am down for a new Supra!! :D

  9. For those of you that called us out – good job! It’s time to reveal that this was in fact an April Fool’s Day joke. But damn, we really got you! The pics are from a concept rendering done a couple years ago.

    The idea of AFD is to trick people – you think posting this on the 1st would have worked?

    Sorry to disappoint those really looking forward to the MKV Supra like we’ve been – I really hope Toyota gets on top of this. When (or if) the MKV is finally released, I’d love to see how close we got to guessing the specs; I’d say they were quite close, depending on how Toyota plans to place the car into the market. I think an AWD platform to compete with the GT-R is not out of the question, but I would like to see it stay RWD for us enthusiasts.

    • Jason Escobar

      Apparently you don’t keep up with any info. Like when Toyota and BMW announced that they are working on a sports car together and that it will be a GTR killer.

      • Yes that is accurate, they did announce they are collaborating to make a sports car and we are looking forward to any further announcements. They did refer to the project as a “midsize” sports car, so it is hard to tell if that could be a Supra successor, especially because of the emphasis they put on the eco-friendly aspect of the project.

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