Dodge Dart Drives New Approach to Gift Registry

2013 Dodge Dart GT

Much like postage stamps and cable television, the cost of automobile ownership always appears to grow more expensive with each passing year. According to the AAA (American Automobile Association), there is proof that increased costs are indeed the reality for car owners inside the United States. In study released early last year, vehicle operating costs were on average 1.9 percent compared to the year prior. For motorists considering the 2013 Dodge Dart, a new remedy could bring some alleviation to the upfront costs of new car buying.

Adapting a principle that has been commonly deployed for wedding couples, imaginative marketing performed by Chrysler Group is presenting prospective Dodge Dart owners with an on-line registry for buying a 2013 model year car. First advertised on television this weekend during the NFL’s NFC Championship game broadcast, the Dodge Dart Registry allows individuals to seek to have a car wholly or partially funded through the generosity of others.

Users go to the Dodge Dart Registry website and create a user account to start their own account. The first step in creating a personal registry is to build up a virtual 2013 Dodge Dart complete with standard and optional equipment. A user will next add information including the reason they want to receive funds for a new Dart. In seeking money for the registry, the user can specify length of their campaign and the amount they would like to have contributed to their potential vehicle purchase up to a maximum of $30,000. Once a registry profile is created, it is viewable through the on-line site and is sharable through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Perhaps best suited for family and friends to contribute to your new vehicle, the Dodge Dart Registry presents the ability for practically any willing party to send a cash gift. When a person funds a registry, their gift is recorded as a component on the 2013 Dodge Dart. Organized in tiers, Tier 1 gifts would involve items such as park brake lever that could be bought for as little as one dollar. The registry’s items transition up to Tier 4 items such as the Dodge Dart’s engine or high-end optional equipment. This experience provides both the registrar user and the contributor with a greater understanding of the Dart sedan.

Even though the Dodge Dart Registry is designed so owners can raise funding for a vehicle, there is no actual promise that the money gifted will go to a purchase. Whether or not the goal is met, the money raised in the registry is issued in the form of a secured check (less a five percent commission fee and an additional four percent processing fee). In honesty (or maybe dishonesty), the money can be spent in whatever way the recipient chooses. However, similar to the case of a wedding registry, it would be highly inappropriate to keep the gifts.

An interesting method for Dodge to draw the 2013 Dart more freely into the social media fray, auto companies have been actively working to integrate more sale elements on-line. Kia Motors and General Motors have used major Internet marketplace eBay as a new car retail channel. The Dodge Dart Registry is an amusing way to incorporate a community aspect in the new car purchasing experience to what could be American drivers worthy of a hand. It would be interesting if this registry experiment would ever be expanded to the SRT Viper. Soliciting gift money to buy a six-figure supercar might be the catalyst to breaking up families and friendships.

Information, photo and video source: AAA, Chrysler Group

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