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2013 Volvo V40 Gets Top Safety Marks by EuroNCAP

heico v40a

Volvo has always had a reputation for safety – one that is rightly deserved. Today’s market is fiercely competitive though, and we’ve seen an emphasis on safety by other manufacturers as well. With the V40, Volvo has put some distance between the competition again, pioneering an advance in pedestrian safety.

The V40 replaces two models – the C30 and V50, and it is a key part of Volvo’s plan to boost sales globally. Unfortunately it isn’t sold in the United States. We know – what are the decision makers at Volvo thinking? The most important part of the Volvo equation has been put to the test by EuroNCAP. The organization is an equivalent to the IIHS and NHSTA in the U.S.

heico v40

In these European tests, the V40 has received high marks – in fact, some of the highest eve recordedr. Coming from Volvo, we would expect nothing less. The V40’s advances have come in both passenger and pedestrian safety.

Volvo’s hatch has received the organization’s highest rating of five stars, but looking deeper into that award reveals some key statistics. Adult protection was rated at 98 percent, the highest percentage ever recorded in EuroNCAP testing. Pedestrian safety also sets a new record, with an 88 percent score.

That comes thanks to the world-first exterior pedestrian airbag. EuroNCAP’s testing covers different areas, including safety assist/active systems that aim to avoid accidents. In that regard the V40 got a perfect store, with a litany of technology like City Safety and Pedestrian Detection. In the midst of all these impressive scores though is one area where the V40 lags; child safety. In that regard the V40 receives just 75 percent. That is something we expect Volvo to work on; we aren’t sure why they would have overlooked that area. This is good news all around though, and it just gives further ammunition to those calling for the V40 to come to the States.