2013 SRT Viper HW 1

2013 SRT Viper Previewed by – Hot Wheels?!

The 2013 Dodge (sorry, SRT….) Viper is set for a launch in April at the New York International Auto Show. To build hype for the launch, SRT has put up two teaser photos of the car on its Facebook page. In history of auto teasers they probably rank up there with the most useless.

While there isn’t much to be gleaned from these teasers, Hot Wheels – yes Hot Wheels – has provided some new insight on the car. Some readers with a good eye on the website T-Hunted, a Brazilian Hot Wheels enthusiast site, spotted the car. Then Carscoop did the research work of finding a larger image and cleaning it up, which is what you see below.

They have confirmed that the car is indeed a product in the Hot Wheels catalog for 2012. So there you have it, this is likely your first look at the 2013 Viper. While it is a tiny toy, the image still gives some indication on what to expect from the production model. The proportions are traditional Viper and there doesn’t appear to be any radical or groundbreaking aspects to the design. Executives from Chrysler and SRT chief Ralph Gilles have really been talking it up.

Mostly it appears to be an evolution of the previous model, and to Viper fans that will probably be just right. Shedding some light even further is Autoblog reader Spen Oner, who created a rendering below that is based off the original image.

You can check that out along with the original, unedited Hot Wheels image. We’re not sure what SRT will make of this; it will be interesting to see if they will have any comment on it or not. With all this information coming out though, it’s likely more of the Viper will be shown before its April debut in New York.