2013 Opel Adam Aims at MINI, Fiat 500


The Fiat 500’s arrival in the United States signaled the first major rival to the MINI. BMW found out that the secret to cracking the A-segment was by offering a premium, stylish product. In Europe the MINI, Fiat 500 and Audi A1 compete against each other. Opel, a subsidiary of General Motors, has been without an entrant into the segment.

Opel is sometimes cross-shopped with competing models from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. To boost sales, offering a minicar was a must for Opel. Enter the 2013 Opel Adam. Better late than never, right? Adam is expected to be primarily a European-market focused line, making is a standout product given GM’s new streamlined global development scheme.


The Adam is Opel’s first A-segment model, and it has a fitting name. The car is named after the brand’s founder, Adam Opel. As far as shape, the Adam isn’t groundbreaking. That is because there are limited ways to a style a car of this size and proportions. That’s why overall shape is similar to the 500 and A1. The details are what counts though. The Adam is more planted and aggressive than the 500 or MINI, in addition to being thoroughly modern. Opel has brought its own twist to the table as well with the floating R. The A-segment is fashion-focused; it’s all about textures and colors. Opel has configured the Adam accordingly.

For instance the floating roof allows for a two-tone color design. Buyers can choose three different roof colors. There are three models available – Jam, Glam and Slam. No, that isn’t a joke. JAM is “unconventional, fashionable and colorful.” GLAM is “a more elegant, refined and sophisticated setting” and SLAM “appeals to those with energetic and sporty attitudes.” The roof is a focal point of the Adam – both on the exterior and the interior. The car offers a LED “starlight” roof that really adds a “cool factor” to the interior. The overall design isn’t groundbreaking but looks well thought out and colorful, like other cars in the segment. The Adam will offer three engines at launch: a 1.2-liter four with 69 horsepower and two other 1.4-liters making 86 and 99 hp. Adam goes on sale in January 2013.