citroen nemero 9 concept 14

2013 Citroen Numero 9 Concept Previews Full-Size Sedan

citroen nemero 9 concept 14

A few years back, Citroen introduced the Metropolis Concept. A styling stunner, the sedan was said to preview the brand’s entry into the full-size luxury sedan segment. The Chinese market is growing and has an appetite for luxury sedans more than anywhere else in the world right now.

Now the company has shown off a new concept, called the Numero 9. It was spied at being photographed at a popular public square in France a few weeks back. This is likely a closer look at the final production Citroen than the Metropolis. The Metropolis was huge, garish and almost American in its styling. It was very cool, but “out there” for a modern sedan – even for Citroen.

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The Numero 9 is low and sleek, with a unique design. Would you expect anything less from Citroen? Numero 9 is a large hatchback, unlike any you’ve probably seen. It has exaggerated, low and wide proportions. There are four doors, with a hidden rear handle providing entrance to the back. Citroen began showing off new DS models a few years ago, with the aim of creating a new premium brand to increase profit margins. The 3 was followed by the 4 and 5. Nemero 9 likely previews a future DS9.

With two large sedan concepts, the company is testing the waters gauging reaction from the public and automotive press about which one to produce. Instead of buying a premium brand like some companies have done, Citroen wants to start one under its own banner with the DS line. So far we think they are doing well with that. One thing you can be sure of though; Numero 9 will be staying an international-only product if ever produced. Citroen has no plans to return to the United States market, which is a bummer with cars like this being produced. Check out what you can’t have in our gallery below.