05 bentley mulsanne mulliner

2013 Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Puts Different Twist on Flagship

At Bentley the model for performance driving is the Continental GT, particularly the just-released V-8 version. The Mulsanne, on the other hand is a Rolls-Royce Phantom competitor. Last time we checked most buyers aren’t looking for Phantoms to tool around in aggressively. But, in appearance at least Bentley wants to present a primarily visually more sporting version of the Mulsanne.

The result is the Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Driving Specification Package, and it is going to debut next month in Geneva. Notice we said visually more sporting. That means under the hood, the car’s 6.75-liter V-8 engine is left untouched. The most consequential update for driving is a new Sport setting for the car’s Drive Dynamics Control suspension system. Bentley says the setting offers “enhanced grip, body control and steering accuracy without compromising ride comfort.”

06 bentley mulsanne mulliner

On the outside there is new 21-inch wheels specific to the Mulliner, as well as badging on the exterior that includes the “Flying B.” Inside the interior gets diamond-quilted seats and a unique leather perforation process. Other changes include accelerator and brake pedals made form drilled alloy and Mulliner sill plates.

The other changes announced along with the Mulliner are applicable to all 2013 Mulsannes. The first option and the wording used to describe the second, can only be found in a Bentley or Rolls-Royce press release: “All Mulsanne models may now be specified with an exquisitely detailed, Bentley-designed, luxury bottle cooler and rear cabin storage area with space for two full-size Champagne bottles in a canted position, allowing opened bottles to be placed back in the cooler.”

Second option? “The cabin of the Mulsanne is whisper-quiet, utilising the latest double-glazing and sound?proofing technologies to isolate it from the hectic world. However, should you want to let the outside in, there is now the option of a large tilt-opening, tinted glass sunroof in the front cabin. It floods the cabin with light and gives an extra dimension of space, providing additional ventilation while avoiding the security risk of open windows.” Security risk of open windows? Yes, these buyers truly do live in a different world and more power to them! The Mulliner goes on sale for the 2013 model year.