2014 Buick LaCrosse Spied In China


Previous generations of the Lexus ES have been pegged by some as a modern-day Buick of sorts. Quiet, dependable and luxurious, without a whole lot of flash. This was always Buick’s positioning in relation to Cadillac. In recent years, General Motors has adopted a similar positioning once again.

Buick has gone after Lexus with a quieter styling approach, while Cadillac is aimed at Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The first competitive Buick in years came when the Enclave arrived in 2008. The LaCrosse was an extremely strong follow-up that was aimed directly at the Lexus ES. Surprisingly, it beat that car at its own game, seeing brisk sales and good transaction prices.


This forced Lexus to put a lot more effort into the next generation 2013 ES. To stay competitive with the new model, the LaCrosse needs an update. In September GM announced that it would be showing off a new Regal and LaCrosse in 2013. Now (via Carscoop) the 2014 LaCrosse has been spied completely uncovered in China. If there was a criticism of the current LaCRosse’s design, it is that Buick didn’t take enough risks.

Its a little too safe and could use a little more definition. The 2014 does just that, with a sharper front-end design and a rear-end that ties in with recent efforts, such as the Verano. While the car was spotted in China, it will look identical here in the United States. That’s because GM has largely merged the American and Chinese line-ups. The LaCrosse’s interior has apparently also been updated. Given what we have seen from Buick with even small cars like the Verano, we are expecting good things for the production interior. The Regal is next in line for updating, and we are eager to see what happens with that. No word on what show either of the two cars will launch at, but it should be just around the corner.

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