Toyota Make Work With Tesla On Electric Supra Successor

A few years back, Toyota realized it had a problem. It was losing enthusiasts and younger buyers, which was detrimental to it’s future. Chief executive officer Akio Toyoda took charge and shook the development process up. The result is a far more engaging 2013 Lexus GS and the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ twins that were years in the making. Both proved that Toyota still knows how to make fun to drive vehicles.

The problem is there now needs to be more of them. Over the past few years we have heard rumors about a comeback for the Toyota Supra and mid-engined MR2 sports car. The FR-S already serves duty as a modern Celica of sorts. New information is emerging now that could offer an exciting possibility for the Supra.

Toyota chief engineer Tetsuya Tada says the company wants to have a green image along with products that offer driving fun. The Detroit Bureau has a new report out on how they are going to do that. It’s no secret that Tesla and Toyota have a great working relationship. Toyota has limited experience with pure electrics and turned to Tesla to quickly develop the RAV4 EV.

A few years down the road Tesla wants to bring out a sports car once again. The Detroit Bureau speculates that Tesla and Toyota could jointly work on a next all electric Supra. A new Supra is all but approved, but we have never heard anything else like this. Tada was tight lipped on the car’s powertrain but internally other executives aren’t. Tesla could provide the powertrain in addition to the use of the Model S platform. Tesla has recently hinted about working on a sports car. This would be a surprising development if true. We’ll have to see if anything comes of it.

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