Ferrari Prances Gracefully in First Nine Months of 2012

The 2012 calendar year for Ferrari is rapidly shaping up to be a period where the Italian sports car builder has painted the town red. On the racetrack, Fernando Alonso is in hot pursuit of the 2012 Formula 1 Driver’s Championship with two races remaining in open wheel racing. In the Untied States, the Ferrari 458 Italia debut season competing in the GT category of the Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series resulted in a manufacturer’s championship against established challengers from Chevrolet and Mazda. In the realm of production cars (a business Enzo Ferrari founded so his racing endeavours would maintain funding), the Ferrari brand has achieved new heights in distribution through the first nine months of 2012.

Delivering 5,267 vehicles in total through nine months of 2012 leading up to the end of September, Ferrari is enjoying a six percent sales increase globally over last year. Ferrari’s third quarter report for 2012 pinpointed the recently released Ferrari FF accounting for a 22 percent rise in 12-cylinder model sales. In terms of cash so fat in 2012, Ferrari has brought in more than ten percent greater revenue and net profits of 152.4 million euros (roughly $194.32 in US funds). A 7.6 percent improvement over results after the end of September in 2011, the third quarter sales report success reflects strong sales in many key vehicle markets.

Just above one out of every four Ferrari products delivered were to customers in the United States. Accounting for 26 percent of Ferrari’s global sales in the nine-month period for 2012, the 1,354 sports cars brought stateside is 16 percent greater than in 2011. Behind the United States for Ferrari deliveries in 2012 is mainland China that has purchased 534 of the brand’s sports cars accounting for a seven percent gain over the previous year. Showing an impressive 37 percent growth, the United Kingdom has received 504 Ferraris. The largest European customer for Ferrari vehicles in 2012 is Germany who has accepted 534 cars. Commenting about the global coverage of Ferrari, company chairman Luca di Montezemolo said, “These results confirm Ferrari’s excellent performance in practically all of the 60 nations in which it is present despite the continuing economic climate.”

The only downside to Ferrari’s otherwise rosy global sales numbers is the company’s native Italy. Noted back in May in their first quarter report as the result of economic challenges, the native customer base for Ferrari products has shrunk by 49 percent. It can be seen as a sad situation that the vehicle that best identifies Italian car building is presently out of reach from the culture that created the dream machines.

Beyond the sale of Ferrari cars, enthusiasm for the brand is seen ‘bigger and better’ than ever with the sale of branded merchandise. Proliferating the passionate marque that is Ferrari, licensing of the popular sports car is a business catering to a much bigger demographic of those who want to experience some form of contact with Ferrari. In their financial report, Ferrari states the car company is generating 20 percent more from the sale of licensing official merchandise.

By the numbers, it appears the 2012 year up to the end of September has been great to Ferrari. As impressive as their sales numbers have been in winning over business minds and investors, many fans will still prefer the digits representing the performance of their popular supercar lines.

Information source: Ferrari
Photo source: Chris Nagy

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