Nissan Innovation Garage: Win $50k for Your Idea

Nissan Innovation Garage

Looks like some companies are finally starting to get the idea that regular “Joes” often have the best ideas. Companies like Local Motors really kicked it off, and the “crowdsourcing” method of idea generation has taken the internet by storm and is beginning to flip the business world on its head.

Nissan is sponsoring this new program called the Nissan Innovation Garage – a program for anybody to get on and submit their ideas for the next best tech product – you know, like that anti-gravity coffee cup you’ve been working on for years but just can’t get right. And it doesn’t just have to be car-related.

If you win – and the judges will pick two winners – you’ll get a $50,000 grant to buy that mini flux capacitor you’ve been needing, help getting a Kickstarter campaign going, and a brand-spanking-new 2013 Nissan Altima to boot. You’ll also be featured on The Daily Brink (and probably a crapload of other websites, depending on your idea) to get some interest in your project going. One crowd favorite (chosen by votes) will also win a new Nissan Altima.

Check out the video below for a basic idea on how the program works, and head over to the Nissan Innovation Garage website to submit your idea.

Oh, and you’re going to enter, hurry up. The contest ends on Friday, October 12th.

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  1. Nissan Irvine

    I think it’s a good way to find new ideas while engaging and interacting with potential customers at the same time and creating more buzz for the brand.

  2. company car lease hire

    The basics of each business is good marketing and aprt of good marketing is a great client and potential customer communication. There are so many projects, ways, means to talk to the ones that should be giving you money, this is just another way of doing that exactly. This is a great initative Nissan has imposed and it should definitely give them great directions on what their clients want and how to proceed with the development of this relation

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