Volvo Looks To Produce Limited-Run S60 Polestar

The Volvo S60 is a car that is begging for a performance variant. Ever since it came out we thought it would be a perfect candidate vehicle to begin a resurgence of Volvo’s R performance brand. R-Design is a nice addition to the lineup for those looking for extra style and a performance twist – but M and AMG-rivalling performance isn’t what it aims for.

The promise of a sporting S60 was delivered with the Volvo S60 Polestar Concept. What we weren’t expecting though was a $300,000 price tag. A buyer in the United States purchased the car for that eye-popping price tag and Polestar says it will build you one for that price if you’d like. We don’t doubt that – just that there are many people out there willing to pay it.

The lead up to the Polestar Concept seemed to indicate it was going to be a production announcement. When it was a one-off, it was a bit of a disappointment. Weeks later, Autocar reports that Volvo is looking to put it into limited production. Word of that comes direct from Volvo United Kingdom. Nick Connor, Volvo’s UK managing director, says that the company is “in serious discussion (s) with Polestar to try and make the S60 a reality.” If produced, the production S60 Polestar would retain the same upgrades as the Concept.

The Concept included the addition of a rear-biased Haldex all-wheel drive system and the addition of a Garret turbocharger to Volvo’s 3.0-liter TB inline six-cylinder. While good news, it still isn’t quite what we had in mind in terms of a Volvo performance brand relaunch. That’s because it would have a price tag of about $150,000 USD at current exchange rates. Autocar says the S60 Polestar would be a very limited run effort, and with that price tag we can see why. Volvo primarily views the car as a marketing exercise, rather than a core part of the brand’s future. With a past history of unsuccessful Volvo performance sedans, we can see why. If they see some success though, that could change. In the meantime, don’t expect Polestar to be Volvo’s equivalent of M or AMG – at least just yet.

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