Fisker Announces European Expansion, Begins U.S Ad Campaign

Fisker and Tesla have been rivals for a while. The two companies are both ambitious startup efforts aiming to give their take on the future of automotive transportation. More than just public back-and-forth though, there has even been lawsuits regarding the Karma and “White Star” (Model S codename). We think it’s just fantastic that we’re watching the emergence of two new American automakers. This is something that hasn’t happened in years.

The two companies offer different takes on an electrified future. For Fisker, the choice has been to go with extended-range electric vehicles rather than full electrics like Tesla. Hopefully the two can find their market niches and succeed. Fisker, not content to let Tesla steal the spotlight, it has launched a new print advertising campaign in the Wall Street Journal. The starting date? June 22nd, Tesla’s big day.

The Karma and the Model S compete, but we’ll get an even more direct comparison when the upcoming Atlantic launches in 2014. Along with this is a business update on Fisker’s European operations. The Karma has met a lot of success there, becoming the second-best selling full-size luxury sedan in the Netherlands, behind the Porsche Panamera. To further secure a foothold in new markets, Fisker has established a cooperation with European dealer group Guarnieri. The company will exclusively import and sell Fisker models in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The company has met success selling BMW, Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren models in these countries, so it is a big get for fisher.

The Karma is something of a status symbol, and we could see it really catching on in these markets. The company has organized VIP and customer drive events at the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix and Marbella Luxury Weekend. There are Fisker dealerships in each of these locations. Also new is the opening of a new Fisker dealership in Oslo, Germany. This update comes after a period of good news for Fisker. The company recently crossed the $1 billion investment threshold, as well as the delivery of 1,000 vehicles. Many have said Fisker would never get this far, but it has proved the doubters wrong. Hopefully they’ll be able to make a nice profit on these sales and get the Atlantic on track. Meanwhile, production and sales of the Karma continue.

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