MINI Approves Countryman Coupe For Production

While attention is beginning to turn to the next-generation of the hardtop model, due in 2014, BMW is still busy expanding the lineup with endless variation. Following the Countryman, the business-focused Clubvan is going on sale about now.

For the future, we hear that a next-generation five-door hatchback model is in the works, and the Olympics has rekindled rumors about a truly mini (with a lowercase M) MINI Rocketman. Shown off in some brilliant new colors, the Rocketman is one MINI variant we hope gets produced. The next variant won’t be a smaller new model though, but rather a coupe based on the Countryman.

Mini Paceman Concept 2011 1280x960 wallpaper 05

The result is dubbed the Countryman Coupe. We saw a concept that indicate it could have used the Paceman nameplate, but apparently they want to save that for another future model. While it gets a different name, Car and Driver reports it will remain nearly identical to the concept that preceded it.

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Countryman basis means more weight and a higher ride height then the standard MINI. The car will be a budget Land Rover Evoque of sorts. MINI’s lineup proliferation is quite amazing. There isn’t that much differentiation to be found, but the new variants continue to grow the brand.

With the Countryman Coupe, MINI will have three different takes on the coupe in its lineup. The Countryman Coupe is scheduled to launch next year, along with the next-generation Hardtop. With a five-door version of that model coming, we’ll likely to see MINI continue to break sales records for the foreseeable future. After that, we’re keen to see what BMW has in the works.

For many purists (and us included), the Rocketman is on the wish list. It would be so close in size and mission to the original car. There’s a lot of potential for variation though – MINI truck, MINI sedan? Who knows. Given the variation we’ve seen so far, we wouldn’t be surprised.

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