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Alfa Romeo 4C To Launch Next Year, As a 2014 Model

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Alfa Romeo is coming back! Wait, we’ve heard this one before. So far back, in fact, that General Motors was supposed to be Alfa’s original reentry partner. Yeah…we’ve begun to take rumors, public pronouncements and the like regarding Alfa Romeo with a grain of salt. Even Fiat’s standalone dealer network was told Alfa Romeo cars to sell would be coming quickly, and they’ve found out that isn’t the case.

The current delay has been attributed to the Giulia sedan, a key part of Alfa’s reentry. Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne supposedly was unhappy with the styling. Now, they are said to be waiting for the development of a new turbocharged V-6 to power it with. What we do know is that the 4C sports car has been approved for production. Like the 8C Competizione before it, it is supposed to be the lead-in car for the rest of the brand’s lineup.

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You know, the halo model that generates a lot of attention and defines the brand. The 4C does a good job of doing that in terms of styling; coming out looking like a mini Italian exotic. It is mid-engined too. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive – it’ll have even more of an impact then. Autocar reports that the 4C’s development is tracking ahead of schedule. In practical terms, that means that the 4C is set to debut next summer – about a year away. The launch was supposed to take place in January 2014 at the North American International Auto Show.

The earlier on-sale date means a possible launch at the 2013 show. The 4 will be powered by a new aluminum-block turbocharged 1.7-liter four-cylinder pumping out 296 horsepower. These are impressive figures for such a small engine. The engine won’t be an Alfa exclusive either; it is slated to be used in future Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep models. One such Dodge is the Dart SRT-4 that you just know is in the pipeline. In other news, Autocar reports the Giulia sedan is on track as well. So the current word is that the Alfa Romeo return is set for a year from now. We wouldn’t hold our breath though….

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