Slowhand Clapton’s Fast, New Ferrari SP12 EC Ride


The ownership of a Ferrari identifies to the world you are indeed a hip and happening individual. Ownership of more than one Ferrari indicates your stock IPO just earned you the privilege of independent wealth. When a person is able to construct a tailored Ferrari to exacting tastes through one of the world’s most prestigious automotive design houses, money overflows into personalized passion in a way many people can never realize. For a musician popular for crafting songs like “Layla” and “I shot the Sheriff”, his pursuit for an individualized supercar gave Italian designer Pininfarina the propulsion to create a unique masterpiece that will certainly bring any observer to their knees.

Specially created by Italian designer Pininfarina, the Ferrari SP12 EC was commissioned by music legend Eric Clapton. A long time enthusiast of the ‘prancing horse’ brand, the highly successful guitarist and singer nicknamed “Slowhand” has owned a Ferrari 512 BB for over three decades. The updated version of the 365 GT4 BB, the 512 BB was the first significantly produced Ferrari-branded mid-engined vehicle (prior mid-engined Dino sports cars are considered separate from the Ferrari product line). Clapton wanted a vehicle that fuses the classic Ferrari 512 BB with the details of the brand new 458 Italia coupe. The result, the Ferrari SP12 EC is a custom-tailored look combining two cars distinctive design cues. The designer of both vehicles, Pininfarina was most qualified in the marriage of their old and new motorized sculptures.



Most of the overall form of the Ferrari 458 Italia’s is retained on the SP12 EC supercar. However, the classic 512 BB accentuations are clear at the front, side and rear of the Ferrari SP12 EC. Most notably is the two-tone body colour popularly found on many Ferrari 512 BB models was replicated on the Pininfarina project car. Defining silver hood louvers and rear end treatment reminiscent of the 512 BB fits nicely on the modern supercar wrapper of the SP12 EC. The powerplant of the Ferrari SP12 EC was not announced but it seems sound that the 4.5 liter V-8 engine belonging to the 458 Italia.

Eric Clapton’s affection for the Italian sports car brand is detailed in the recent issue of Official Ferrari Magazine. Subscription to the Official Ferrari Magazine is 250 Euros (approximately $312 US) for four issues.

Information and photo source: Ferrari North Europe via Newspress UK


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    very nice ferrari. I always though that red and yellow were the two best colors for a ferrari. if you think differently please tell me in a comment below what you think are the two best colors for a Ferrari CAR

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