2013 Audi A3 Hatchback Leaked, Has Us Thinking About A3 Sedan

Debuts from the Geneva Motor Show are leaking out, and after having one image be revealed a few days ago, the wraps have come off the Audi A3 entirely. This isn’t Audi’s doing either – it has been leaked by website ZR.ru.

The next-generation A3 is a big step forward because it moves onto a different platform than the current car. What’s more is that Audi is planning to have the A3 play a larger role in the United States market than ever before.

The current A3 is sold here in five-door hatchback form, and it hasn’t really caught on. Many don’t like the hatchback format and it is considered small by a lot of consumers. You can understand then, Audi’s reticence to go even smaller by bringing the A1 here. The new A3 looks a bit larger than the previous model, and it is notable for its nicely balanced proportions.


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It comes across a more premium than the current A3. Overall, it is very in keeping with Audi’s design theme. That is to say, it looks like a mini-version of the A4 and A6. To some that is a plus and others a negative.

We’d like to see some more originality and variation Audi’s designs, but the A3 hatch is very good-looking nonetheless – it just could be more dynamic. And that’s where we have some concern as it relates to the four-door. The increased importance of the A3 in the U.S will come primarily through the offering of a four-door sedan in the A3 range.

They didn’t have one in the lineup last time around. The A3 sedan was previewed with a concept at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, and it was very dynamic looking. There were some twists in the design that set it apart from other Audi’s, and by extension, this A3 hatch. We sincerely hope those carry over to the production A3 sedan. It’d be all too easy for them to just add the rear trunk on and retain the rest of the design. Something tells us that will might end up being the case….

The interior of the A3 is very youthful and premium in appearance. With its smaller models Audi has gone with a interior design format that features circular interior vents, a la the TT. It works really well, and Audi addresses some people who say they are too staid with a two-tone interior. From all indications this interior is top-notch, and a big improvement over the current car, which never felt very premium to us. So all in all the A3 hatch is looking good. We can’t help but being concerned about the A3 sedan after seeing it though.

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