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History of Lamborghini Video Series

Historical Lamborghini Models

Many of you seen the Lamborghini special of Ultimate Factories, or many of the other “How Lamborghinis are Made” videos floating around, but not nearly as many videos have been made about the actual history of the Italian company, and even fewer go into detail about specific models and the culture surrounding them. just released a 45-minute, seven-video series outlining all of that and more, delving into the newest model – the Lamborghini Aventador – as well as concepts and older models.

Check out each video in the series below (despite the names, many of the videos cover more than just what’s said in its title):

Lamborghini History – Part 1 – Lambo Aventador

Lamborghini History – Part 2 – Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini History – Part 3 – Lambo Meeting

Lamborghini History – Part 4 – Making a Lambo

Lamborghini History – Part 5 – Lambo Gallardo

Lamborghini History – Part 6 – Lambo Museum

Lamborghini History – Part 7 – Lambo Sesto Elemento

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